Imagine spending less time working out all the design elements, and more time showing up for your audience during your launch

with customizable Canva Templates and resources that didn't require any design skills, looked professional, gave you pointers, and most important of all: helped you reclaim your time.

The fastest and most efficient way to create all of the elements you need to quickly get your program out of the gates and into the hands of your audience.

easy to customize to your brand colors

With these templates, you can easily (and quickly) customize them to your own brand colours and fonts to it fits with your brand aesthetic.

guidelines to help you boost client happiness and your success

Guidelines on how to use the templates so that you can get them off the ground as quickly as possible.

no special design or tech skills needed - all available to you through canva

Super easy to implement, and quick to make your own, saving you time for the important stuff in your launch that only you can do - like showing up for your clients.

Launching a digital product can be a game changer for your business... but it can also be a huge time waster if you aren't confident about what you need to create (or how)

And if you're like most business owners... you don't know what to create until... well... you're burning the midnight oil and suddenly the sheer volume of launch resources seems overwhelming.

Maybe you're thinking...

Help! I'm not a designer!

You've tried to piecemeal everything together and it starts off ok... but before you know it, it looks like a dogs breakfast. You're searching around Canva but nothing seems to fit and you just want all of the elements to match, nicely and professionally.

I need it now. I'm running out of time!

You committed to your launch, but now the clock is ticking and you've realized there is So. Much. To. Do and too little time. You need some (affordable) templates to help you knuckle down and get it done in time.

What do I put where?

You know the elements you need (lead magnet... webinar slides.... Facebook Header image...) but what the heck do you put in each one????? (that will actually convert!). You don't need 1000 options... you just need the options that work.

OMG there is still so much left to do! I'm running out of time!

You decide to launch. You create a product. And then the overwhelm hits when you realize how many moving parts there is and how much there is to create. You want to be able to move through the various elements and resources you need methodically. You just need a head start and something that allows you to just customize to your colors and fonts rather than creating from scratch every time.

Nothing on Canva matches!

You can see all the templates on Canva, but none of them match in a consistent way so every time you put things together, it ends up looking piecemeal and not cohesive. You just want something that looks like it matches!

What if... you could put it all together, quickly and easily....

Freeing up a bunch of time, to allow you to focus on what you do best.... showing up, serving your audience, and sky rocketing the success of your launch.

What if you could spend less time trying to figure out what you needed to create, and how, and more time just knuckling down and putting it out to the world. You don't need another thing holding you back, you need something easy to implement that helps propel you forward.

What if.... you had a wealth of well-designed and conversion focused elements at your fingertips?

I've got you covered.

Running an online business does not have to suck up your entire life

Let's say yes to a business model that gives us freedom, allows us to get our passive income products out to the world quickly and supports our busy lives by helping us do things the easier and smarter way.

Hi, I'm Robyn

I built a six figure business in an average of six hours per week with a signature program that launched on average, every three months.

And I know that's possible for you too.

I completely get the frustration, the overwhelm and the the feeling that the clock is always ticking.

This product was created because I saw the sheer overwhelm on my clients faces when they needed to create resources for their first launch. I saw them struggling with creating mock ups on Canva and WISHING for this exact product. So, I created it.

I'm here to tell you that it is possible to create a sustainable and easy business that allows you to spend time with your family, pursue other interests and generally have a life without being a slave to your business or social media.

And having the right tools, templates and support can help you get there 10x faster. That's why I've created the Launch Easy Bundle.


You get...

To spend more time showing up for your clients

We've created these templates to help you focus on what you do best - building trust and authority with your audience... while we've taken care of creating the templates you need to get it out the door.

To Launch Easy. Launch Quickly.

We don't do all-nighters or overwhelm. We're here to make your launch as easy and as quick as possible, so you can earn the income you deserve. And these templates are easy to customize to your own fonts and colors.

A Launch Roadmap

Instead of wondering what elements you need to create to make your launch a success, we've got tips and prompts here to take the guesswork out of creating your launch elements.

Here's what's waiting for you inside...

Your complete vault of launch resources, to help you bring your digital product to life to create a new revenue stream and more freedom in your business


Punchy Instagram Post Pack

  • Easy to customize colors and fonts
  • More than 10 Instagram templates to help you showcase your Opt Ins, Testimonials and products.
  • Designed to convert and get attention.


IG Stories Launch Suite

  • 12 Templates to help you promote your launch
  • Designed to convert and easy to customize
  • Includes stickers such as 'link in bio' and 'swipe up'


Stunning PDF Opt In Template 

  • Not just an opt in... but one that actually guides clients to come and find your other channels, and then starts to shift them towards becoming a client.
  • Easy to customize to your colors and fonts
  • Variety of page and design options.


Course Worksheet Templates

  • Course Worksheet Templates, easy to customize to your colors and fonts and designed to help you prepare your worksheets quickly and efficiently - with enough space for clients to write!


Facebook Cover Mockup

  • Two designs to choose from
  • Easy to customize to your brand colors and fonts


Webinar Slides Template

  • 69 slide designs
  • Easy to customize to your brand
  • Slides will guide you as to what to put in your presentation (and when) and includes your pitch at the end, as well as your introduction at the beginning


My Easy Tech Back Book

  • Hunting around the internet trying to find the 'best' software and suppliers is a fast track to wasting precious time) that could be spent focusing on your business - get the shortcut with my easy tech black book


Welcome Pack Template

  • Every signature program and membership should contain a welcome pack for new clients to reinforce the value they've received, answer core questions and help them feel welcome and wanted within your program while they take their first steps. Download my welcome guide to save you time and show you what to include to welcome your clients properly.


Instructions + Tips

  • Instructions on how to load and use your Canva Templates
  • Expert tips within each template to help guide you towards a better experience for your clients, and better conversions for you.

And... because I want your launch to be as successful as possible, you'll also receive these bonuses


Feel like you have no idea what you need to put into a sales page to get it to convert? My savvy sales page formula lays out exactly what you need to include in your sales page in this handy ebook.


this one email netted me 50 (yes 5-0) discovery calls with a list of only 1,500. swipe my easy email waitlist swipe.


launches do not need to be the giant affairs you see the big players make. if you want to make a sustainable income (in an easier way) - this easy launch schedule will show you how.

Get the bundle now!

what our customers are saying


Robyn Birkin is such a magnificent light. I have been connecting with Robyn for a few years now and we have worked together multiple times and I am so entirely grateful.

If you have the opportunity to work with Robyn I would RUN to it! Such a great opportunity! 

Darrien Minnie

/ Yoga Teacher and New Mama Coach


Robyn has managed to once again, take an overwhelming product launch and simplify it. With her little black book of technology and email templates that have proven success, it’s a true formula for success. I can’t wait for my next launch!!

Jennifer Robertson

/ Fertility Coach


Robyn Birkin the launch easy bundle is FABULOUS! This bundle is such a time and money saver! I love the webinar template and welcome packet so much! It’s all so helpful and PACKED with information I only found in several different packages. So good, seriously, this a must-have for anyone launching their program.

Jackie Figueras

/ Miscarriage Support Coach

What makes these (and you) different?

I don't just create these, I use them

These are some of the exact templates that I've used in my own business, to arguably become one of the most well-known and successful coaches within the fertility niche.

I have 'actual' marketing qualifications

I have spent more than 20 years' and have two degrees (with distinction) in Marketing, Communications and PR. From Australia's largest car dealership to giant hotel chains, from massive media campaigns to running my own Facebook Ads - I've been there. I've tested, I've tweaked and I've successed. I've been the youngest ever marketing manager three times in my career and I'm fully qualified as a Marketing Consultant. I'm not just some 'business coach' who is throwing spaghetti at the wall. I'm the real deal.

They're practically designed

I've downloaded templates before that have looked gorgeous... but the font hasn't been legible, or too small for Instagram. I've used templates that aren't designed to convert. My templates are about results first.

I run my business, my business doesn't run me

I experienced a radical shift in 2018 that forced me down to working in my business an average of 3 - 6 hours per week (not including school holidays) - and during that time, I hit 6 my first 6 figure year. I'm all about creating businesses that work around our full lives, and not the other way around, and I'm here to create a movement of people who feel the same way.

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

My products are delivered by one fundamental principle - to help deliver exceptional service to save you time and support you in creating a business and lifestyle on your terms. I want to make it as easy as possible for you to say YES to this resource because I know just how much valuable time this could save you in your business. 

Jump in, take a look at the templates, and if you think they're junk, that you won't use them, we'll refund your money. All of it. Even the processing fees.

Just send us an email at hello@launcheasylife.com within 48 hours with a signed waiver that you won't use them so we can vouch for your integrity, and we'll refund your money, pronto.

Frequently asked questions

How do I access my templates?

As soon as you purchase the Launch Easy Bundle, you'll be sent a link to a portal that contains links to all the templates. All you need to do is create a free Canva account, either on your mobile or computer, and from there, you'll be able to access and edit them.

Do I need to pay for Canva?

You can absolutely use these with a free subscription, although, we can let you know that a paid Canva subscription is a no brainer investment.

How long do I have access to the Resources?

You have lifetime access to everything. For as long as the product is offered - you receive access INCLUDING to any future updates and upgrades (for free).

Is this a membership or subscription?

Nope, it's a one-time payment of only US$97.

Do I have to be tech savvy?

No, you especially don't have to be tech-saavvy. I created this product BECAUSE so many of my clients didn't know where to start on Canva (or that the generic templates in Canva) just didn't have online business-focused and consistent suites of resources. With these templates, you can create a consistent and cohesive look, with just a few clicks.

Get started today! 

It's time for your best and easiest launch yet

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