The step-by-step plan for creating and launching a simple and sustainable yet wildly successful signature online program so that you can create more peace and more profit in your health and wellness business.

I have just one question for you...

What would you do... with more time?

(permission to drool or dream at the possibility of this!)

Imagine how life would change if you could reclaim 10... or even 20 hours per week in your practice, whilst earning more and getting incredible results for your Cloud 9 Clients.

Would you spend more time with your kids?

Would you [finally] get to spend some time on self-care and fitness?

Would you get the time to show up on socials and do all the things you've been putting off for the longest time?

Would you get around to all of those big dreams you have?

Would you just take a hot minute to actually rest for a change?

If the answer is one, or all of the above, then keep reading...

Most health and wellness service providers get stuck providing single sessions... which keeps them trapped on all levels...

Most naturopaths, nutritionists, acupuncturists, life coaches, [insert profession here] begin their practice by selling single sessions for $80 - $160 and it's the fastest way to suck the life force out of your business (even if your school or academy has taught you that way).

Selling single sessions for $80 means that you need to see 1,250 people per year - if we break that up into a 48 week year (because... you know... you're not a robot) that works out at a whopping 26 appointments each and every week.

Then there's the additional time it takes to answer emails, post on social media, collaborate with people and upskill.

And most of us don't have the ability to work a 40 - 60 hour week anyway - between raising children, maybe an existing 9 - 5, maybe your own health and wellness commitments... you might only have a maximum of 20 hours per week to give.

And even if you do have capacity for more...

I'm certain that's not what you had in mind when you started your business. 

You might have started your business because you actually wanted a life. 

Because you wanted the type of flexibility only cubicle workers dream about.

Because you wanted to escape the corporate desk ball and chains.

When we actually reverse engineer the numbers, the math doesn't stack up and income ceiling meets your head.

It's time to throw out the old rule book

Which first? Grow your audience or build your signature program?
I quit my online business

And let's be real... it wasn't working anyway. 

  • Getting full, then dropping the ball on social media and marketing... and then (because marketing is a lagging indicator)... two months later... all of your business has dried up and you can't figure out what you did wrong.
  • Feeling like you have to constantly spruik "booking in for the next session" and feeling like all you're doing is selling.
  • Seeing patients so radically different it feels like all you're doing is creating custom resources and guides and researching protocols, and because there's no clear audience, pathway or framework, when it comes to what to post on social media - you're like a paralysed deer in headlights in the land of 'what to post?'
  • Feeling utterly exhausted from delivery mode and constant serving. It leaves no time for you (and you're spruiking 'less burnout' to your clients while doing all the burning out yourself.
  • Struggling to find that impossible unicorn happy spot between word spewing everything you know on the first session (because you desperately want them to know that you know your stuff) but leaving them feeling overwhelmed and confused because there was so much there... and not giving them enough information because #transformationtakestime that they leave feeling like it was a giant waste of time... and either way, they don't rebook, so back you step on the 'more clients ferris wheel'
  • Dreading every. single. 'discovery call' that comes through, or straight up having a book now button on your website that gets as much action as Mr Bean on Tinder

If you're nodding your head, then let me introduce you to the Launch Easy Life

(where you get to step away from the burnout and income ceiling of 1:1 client work and into life inclusive business strategy)

Here's how it works...

Success Setup

Solve a single problem for your Cloud 9 Client at a particular point in time with a transformational online course that represents exceptional value

Quick Win Ascertain Launch

Ascertain demand and get some cash in the door before pouring oodles of resources into your launch. Get out of the gates quickly and easily with a simple process.

Create, Excite, Delight

Deliver a high value and elegant experience and turn on autopilot triggers so you can step back from delivery and reclaim your time freedom but also deliver a first class experience that delivers on the promise of the program.

All Out Launch

Follow a step-by-step all-out (yet laid back) launch process with proven processes - the right pricing, the right events, the right emails, the right prelaunch messaging.

In just four steps, you'll create a business that delivers major light bulb life change for your clients, and Marie Kondo joy for you.

Hi, I'm Robyn

I'm the host of the award-winning top 5% podcast, The Fertility Warriors and a double-degree qualified marketing and online business specialist, who helps health and wellness practitioners create and grow businesses that give them Marie-Kondo level joy.

Oh, and I also created a six figure business in less than six hours per week.

And that revenue came largely from one single program, with laid-back quarterly launches that used rinse and repeat launch methods. 

We used a simple funnel but delivered an exceptional experience with amplifiers that maximised profits and fuelled a consistent stream of reviews and testimonials - on autopilot... and best of all - this program only needed me to show live up for one single call each month.

Truth talk: I've made six figures with lots of products, blood, sweat and tears, and I've made six figures with one program and a laid-back strategy.

and if I'm being reaalllly honest for a moment... I've learnt multiple times in my business that less really is more.

  • I've launched low cost front-end memberships.... twice... and both times, after a year I've felt utterly drained by the sieve of constant content creation and the headf*ck of increasing customer lifetime value past 3 - 6 months.
  • I've launched high touch programs and products with loads of 1:1 services that have left me feeling like I'm re-entering corporate jail and missing time with my kids.
  • I've freelanced on the side of my business as a Marketing Manager, alongside my other programs and products, only to discover that it's left no time for me to work on my own business.
  • I've run multiple niches and (even when I've CEO'd one) and struggled massively with the mental load and context switching between two businesses.
I created my online business for more peace + profit.
I've always had the most of that when I've been called back to a better way:
one simple yet sophisticated signature program

This approach has created a ripple effect in my business...

  • I've felt dialled in on exactly what content to publish on what platform that has not only increased my conversions and skyrocketed my audience growth, but helped me to more... in less time
  • I've become a go-to expert in a particular topic (rather than knowing a little bit about things here and there and not being an expert in anything). It's meant a steady stream of invitations to Summits, Podcasts and events and never chasing collaboration opportunities.
  • I've felt energised to show up for my audience instead of exhausted, wiped out of ideas and uninspired.
  • I've had time. So much. To show up. To create. To amplify. To improve. To optimise. To rest.
  • I've created a ripple effect and impact in shifting and changing the industry - that could never have been achieved with 1:1 services

For the health and wellness professionals who want a business that also honours their life.

You're already sold on a simpler yet wildly successful business that helps you reach the next level, while giving you back your flexibility...

You know... the type of flexibility that means... you're able to walk your children to school and back, never having to worry about saving your precious annual leave because you can take it anytime you choose... and leaving the 9-5 that has you exhausted, burnt out and completely uninspired with an income that matches or surpasses it.

You don't want to choose between time or money - you want both. And make it laid-back please.


The step-by-step plan for creating and launching a simple and sustainable yet wildly successful signature online program so that you can create more peace and more profit in your health and wellness business.

At last: a program that doesn't just show you how to package and strategically launch your signature program.

In Launch Easy Life, you'll also learn how to deliver a truly transformational and exceptional customer experience.

While still getting to be a mama, a wife, a friend, a yogi, a budding tennis player, and enjoying everything that life has to offer. No, you will not be chained to your desk forever, endlessly busy with more work as you make more money.

Launch Easy Life is the next evolution of your business.

If it feels like the only way to grow your business is to work more, work harder and spend endless hours in front of your laptop, this might be the missing piece you've been looking for,

By the end of Launch Easy Life, you'll master these three things...

How to create a simple yet sophisticated signature program

The right price, that solves the right problem with a simple yet sophisticated funnel that creates clarity, profits and results while massively leveraging your time and creating cash deposits into your business.

How to launch and convert with a layered launch strategy

Get paid to create your first program and use a step by step approach that helps you get up and running as soon as possible, with sustainable yet amplified growth at every stage and rinse and repeat assets you can use time and time again for repeatable success.

How to deliver an exceptional experience that fuels the fire

Fuel credibility and future sales with an experience that delivers first-class results for your clients and creates a community of raving fans who want to continue investing with you, and also help to the future selling for you.

The full playbook

The A to Z from idea creation to an all out launch, with templates and cheat sheets to save you time the entire way...

Well Conceived Business with Robyn Birkin

Step 1: Success Setup

We start out strong with an outline of what the process of creating, launching, delivering and growing your signature program will look like, so you're fully informed and ready with a results-driven direction forward.

Then we take a deep dive into your Cloud 9 Client and develop an exceptional program with them in mind. Most people think they know their audience... but we move far beyond demographics and "pain points" and into understanding your Cloud 9 Client at the deepest level so that you can create an offer that truly resonates with them from the get go and social media content that has them thinking you're inside their head. Our Zero to Hero transformation is where you'll truly nail your niche.

Then it's time to outline your irresistible offer. The right offer sells itself. The right price. The right length. The right deliverables. The right messaging. Here you'll map everything out (and save yourself so much time down the track) with an offer that's oh so right for your Cloud 9 Clients and ready to take to market - all using our simple yet strategic course blueprint formula.

11 biggest mistakes in online business

Step 2: Ascertain Launch Accelerator

Before we spend weeks creating content and sales pages and launch runways - it's time to ascertain demand exists for your program (aka - get paid to create your program) with a strategic set of hand raiser posts and/or emails.

This way - we get your program off the ground and delivering results at warp speed (no more waiting years to create your online course!) with a handy cash injection.

Well Conceived Business with Robyn Birkin

Step 3: Create, Delight, Excite

You're not just here to sell programs, you're here to solve a problem your audience has - but they can't get there if they're unmotivated to move forward. We'll show you how to build in automations and an experience that excites and delights your Cloud 9 Clients every step of the way so that they become lifelong raving fans, are engaged throughout your program and happy to circle back and provide glowing testimonials that fuel your future sales.

11 biggest mistakes in online business

Step 4: All out Launch

Now that you've ascertained demand and delivered your program, it's time to build out your launch and go full steam ahead!

Here you'll get the full downlow on how to live launch (the launch easy way!), starting with your Prelaunch Strategy. What you do before doors open is everything and here you'll learn the exact content and strategy to take your clients from cold to sold, before you've even opened the doors to your program with our 90 Day Prelaunch Pathway (with options to implement sooner).

Then, we walk you through your launch, every step of the way - from your breakthrough conversion events such as challenges or webinars to social media, creating a magnetic lead magnet to our live launch playbook and savvy sales page formula.

You'll learn:

How to create a simple yet sophisticated signature program

You'll learn how to create an irresistible offer that delivers a powerful transformation - with a sustainable price that gives you back your time.

How to take your audience from cold to sold

The right prelaunch strategy will have your Cloud 9 Clients ready and waiting to work with you before you've even opened the doors so that selling is a breeze.

How to deliver an exceptional experience

No more instant purchase regret - we'll show you how to keep the high vibe atmosphere going and deliver an experience that excites and delights your people, encourages them to fully complete your program, and then rave about it to everyone they know (even if they're going through something private).

How to launch... the launch easy way

We'll walk you through how to get paid for your very first launch (and how to get out of the gates in the quickest and easiest way), and then how to execute a strategic all out launch that is optimised for conversions (with strategies for sales pages, webinars, opt-ins, social media and lead magnets - that are transferable across your entire business).

Swipe my Easy Instagram Story Ideas

Scariest place to be next year is the same place as this year.

but imagine if this time next year...

You [finally] got your signature program off the ground

You launched the thing. You simplified the things. You were known for the things. You leveraged your time and your profit. You got the traction. You reached the next level. And you were so goddam proud of yourself

You had plug and play templates for every step of the way

No more creating everything from scratch. If there's a Canva template or Google Sheet for it, you've got it and all you need to do is plug and play for your business, then circle back, rinse, repeat and optimise for your business.

You have time to breathe!

Sayonara burnout, hello freedom. Ahhhh, that feeling of waking up to an empty calendar and getting to choose what you'll do today. Tennis? A hike? Networking coffee? Or even Netflix and Nap? Time is the ultimate flex and you just gained it all back!

You had a step by step plan (that honoured your busy life)

You had a step-by-step checklist with a layered launch strategy that enabled you to get off the ground, up and running in the shortest period of time, with a to-do list that didn't require everything of you all at once.

There's predictability

You have a dialled in formula for the numbers you need in order to hit your revenue goals and a system for how you'll get there. You know what it takes, and you can create predictable growth in your business, with levers you can push for more profit.

It all made sense

More more guesswork or trying to funnel hack your competitors and figure out exactly how they're doing things. You understand the assignment, the strategy, what you're aiming for and how all of the pieces go together. You're no longer throwing spaghetti at the wall with your products, profit and content plan - it's a well choreographed, simple yet sophisticated system.

You'll Love these Drool-worthy Bonuses

Audience Growth Formula

How to get found by your Cloud 9 Clients and stop being your industry's best kept secret.

In this workshop you'll learn the powerful trifecta of audience growth and the types of content you need to produce as a service provider for growth, authority and sales.

Your AI Course Accelerator

Discover the first-class AI prompts to deliver results that don't sound like a bro-marketey robot using AI, and the cool tools (outside of just Chat GPT) to help you radically speed up your content and course creation.

It's time to step into your launch easy era

pay in full

best value


997 usd

payment plan

cash flow friendly



/mo x 6 months

What Others Say


Robyn Birkin is such a magnificent light for the fertility community. I have been connecting with Robyn for a few years now and we have worked together multiple times and I am so entirely grateful.

If you have the opportunity to work with Robyn I would RUN to it! Such a great opportunity! 


Can't speak enough of how much a badass coach... this woman is

With Robyn's guidance I have a clear path to forge ahead, I have dialled into my niche and am able to navigate social media in a more savvy way and can't wait to soak up more information. 

Highly recommended and can't speak enough of how much a badass coach and beautiful and highly knowledgeable person this woman is!



I just wanted to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU and for helping guide me through my launch. I learned so much about how to market and sell a digital product and proved to myself that I CAN use my platform to sell digital products. Thank you for believing in me and helping me to believe in myself. You're the best!


Sitting on the fence but not quite sure whether to jump in?

Don't let these myths hold you back...

❌ Myth: You need a large audience to launch a course

✅Truth: launching grows your audience - it also grows your clarity on how to speak to your audience, what to post and gives you the ultimate momentum. Plus - when you start small and build up - it gives you time to level up with each stage.

❌ Myth: It's easier to 'just go evergreen'

✅Truth: Everyone loves the allure of evergreen with monthly recurring revenue, but up to 80% of purchasers require real deadlines in order to make a purchase. They also almost always require Facebook Ads - so think of them as stage 2. When you live launch strategically, it's so easy to create rinse and repeat elements and reap the rewards of recurring revenue with payment plans and high live launch conversion rates.

❌ Myth: Launches = big teams, big advertising budgets and a once a year cash injection

✅ Truth: leave the big affiliate launches to the old school marketers and enter your easy peasy lemon squeezy launch easy era. Once a year launches are stressful - enter consistent revenue and faster growth with smaller, more frequent launches - that you can deploy with rinse and repeat elements. 

❌ Myth: People don't buy courses in a recession

✅ Truth: recessions create the most millionaires. Everywhere you look, there is evidence of people buying... it's just that people don't buy crap. The online education industry is projected to reach a value of 602 billion by 2030. Online courses are the safe bet during a recession.

❌ Myth: You have to create all of your lessons before you can sell your course

✅ Truth: no way. I know it seems counter-intuitive but creating all of your course content, without first knowing whether your program has market demand - is risky af, and I guarantee it will take you years, in comparison to weeks to get it all up and running. Plus, when you launch with an ascertain launch - your clients give you feedback along the way - which means your program kicks out the gates in first class form.

❌ Myth: Nobody will buy if someone else has already created a course on the same topic

✅Truth: If other people in your niche have created courses and programs on the exact same topic, that's evidence of success (huzzah!) that your program has legs too! Think of how many reality TV shows exist, how many clothing companies exist and how many online fitness subscriptions exist. More programs = more mainstream.

Client Success Stories

My coaching program has doubled and my email list has nearly tripled in just 4 months!

It has been a breath of fresh air working with someone who knows the infertility community AND marketing better than anyone else. Robyn was responsive, a wealth of knowledge and completely honest, which I love.


I would absolutely recommend Robyn

I've significantly increased my email list, my Instagram has improved and my podcast is getting WAY more downloads. I have a much bigger audience, systems in place for more consistent calls AND launching my program in an effortless way.

I would absolutely recommend Robyn - she knows her stuff!


7-Day Guarantee

Our laid back, love it or your money back guarantee

We know that Launch Easy Life is the place to be... but you might not... until you jump in. So, if you're on the fence, know that it's a no-brainer, no risk. Join us - and if you don't love it, my Aussie accent erks you or check out the first module and you're out - so long as you let us know within 7 days of making your purchase, we'll refund 100% of your joining fee. No hard feelings, no hoops and no love lost.

Note though that if you join on the payment plan (and don't request a refund within 7 days) you'll be committed to making all payments by law.

Also, feel free to not be a jerk who joins with the intention of quickly downloading everything in 24 hours and then requesting a refund so you can get stuff for free. That... does come with love lost (and also... we can see when you do this).

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I enroll?

As soon as you enroll, you'll be sent a welcome email that contains your login details to your own private portal as well as the calendar invites to any upcoming live support calls and you can get started right away.

How long will it take to launch?

The aim is for you to get your Ascertain Launch off the ground within the first 30 days - but you have lifetime access, so you can go at whatever pace works for you. How fast you launch all depends on how fast you walk through the trainings and then implement them and take action.

Can I watch the program on mobile?

Yep, you can! I recommend saving the site as an icon on your phone and you can log in and watch our videos on the go.

That said - I do recommend taking the time to complete the worksheets from a computer (most of the worksheets are at the start, and then the second half of the program is all about implementation - but that pre-work you do, is what sets you up and makes the rest a breeze!)


So glad you asked. A few reasons:

1. Launch Easy Life is created with health and wellness service providers in mind (i.e. not created by business owners for other business owners). That means - that our examples, our strategies, our templates - are all designed to be relevant and work for your niche (not the business niche)

2. This program is for busy business owners - you know - the ones who are creating their signature program in the margins of time between naptimes and 9 - 5's, 1:1 consulting and generally busy lives. I've been so careful not to 'stuff' this program with a bajillion calls and Facebook Groups that just clog up your feed, and instead - focus on delivering answers and templates, cheat sheets and more to help you get going, quickly and efficiently.


If you're uber busy - you need Launch Easy Life, now. Period.

Unpinning yourself and your time from your revenue should be the single biggest priority for you in your business if you're feeling completely stretched for time.

In my experience, life never settles down. Things never get quieter. So if you wait, you will probably end up next year, in exactly the same place you are now: busy and burnt out.

What if... you took a beat and developed a powerful, revenue generating asset in your business so that this time next year (or earlier) you were in a completely different place. It's such a worthy investment.


Think of Launch Easy Life as the prelude to our Mastermind.

Step 1: Create and Launch your Signature Program (aka Launch Easy Life)

For business owners at any stage.

Step 2: Take that Signature Program and amplify it with peace + profit levers and a powerful community, with high-touch coaching from Robyn. For business owners at $20k per year (through to $250k). This is where we teach you strategies to elevate and amplify your business using tactics like upsells, downsells, tripwires, feeder products, summits, Meta Ads, evergreen/hybrid funnels and more.

Is launch easy life included in the well conceived mastermind?

No, it isn't. The Mastermind includes trainings and programs that are not regularly available for purchase anywhere else.


Join now because you're ready to step into a new chapter in your online business.

Join now because you're ready for all the templates and tools to help you work faster and more efficiently.

Join now because this is the lowest price this program will ever be and you want to lock it in now (with lifetime access - including to all future updates and bonuses).


Yes! So first up - I need you to commit to doing the work. Deal? That means... not buying the program and then expecting that I'll wiggle my nose and magically by osmosis, you'll have a signature program.

But if you're ready to do the work, then know that I've got your back the entire way - with our step-by-step approach, templates and swipes for every step of the way, as well as our FAQs portal.

Now let's talk return on investment - the investment in this program runs you about the same as 1 - 2 program sales. Total.

And you may find that you make that investment back *just* from our hand raiser email swipes, *just* from our sales page formula or *just* from our prelaunch strategy alone.

This has the potentially to improve your business exponentially - but it all starts with backing yourself, and committing to putting in the work.

Worst case - if you jump in and then regret your life decisions - you've got 7 days to shoot us an email and ask for a refund - no hoops, no love lost, no questions - we'll give you a full refund. No risk.


So you will at some point in the near future... need to prioritise building an email list for continued sales. The good news is we share strategies to help you get going without an email list and build your email list.

Creating and launching your signature program might just be the thing that helps you create and grow your email list. So jump in and join us!


The first step to a successful signature program business - is to learn how to market and sell organically first (especially if you want a good return on investment from your ads) - you can have a six figure (even million dollar) business without Facebook Ads.

If you've already mastered growing and selling organically though and are ready for Facebook Ads (and other amplifiers), come and join us in the Well Conceived Mastermind.

I have more questions about the program. can we chat?

Sure! Hit me up on Instagram @robynbirkin and let me know what's going on for you.

i'm unsure of whether to apply for the mastermind or join launch easy life?

If you already have a signature program that is doing well (or your business isn't online course based) and you're at $20k+ per year (up to ~$250k) - and want to amplify your results, authority and connections - we recommend the Well Conceived Mastermind.

If you're looking to pivot away from 1:1 services and/or you want to up the game on your online course/signature program, or you're just starting out, Launch Easy Life is a better fit.

Do know though that many of our clients join both.

It's time to step into your launch easy era

pay in full

best value


997 usd

payment plan

cash flow friendly



/mo x 6 months

The choice is yours...


Do it alone and create everything from scratch, without a proven process and the giant overwhelm and uphill mountain of launch and delivery assets.


Kick your business to an entirely new level with a new (and simpler!) strategy, feel good, proven tactics that work for health and wellness professionals, skyrocketing social media and guidance, templates and cheat sheets to help you shortcut your launch and get it out in the most streamlined and fun way possible.

Fall in love with your business again.

And your life.

Because that's the true goal.

This is where it starts. With strategy.

The right business model. The right strategy. The right signature program. The right audience. The right launch method. The plan.