I hate that feeling of trying to build a business... but feeling like nobody even knows you exist!

I invested thousands in coaching and courses, only to walk away feeling like the techniques they taught to grow my audiences needed So. Much. Time for such little reward... and I don't know about you, but my audience is in women's health.... aaaaannnnddd the cookie cutter advice just didn't cut it.

My prevailing thought: "My audience is just different"

I felt like a hamster on a wheel trying to be on ALL the platforms, but still felt like I was getting nowhere.

I felt honestly, quite disheartened and jaded because I was SO passionate about helping those with infertility, but nothing the interweb peeps told me to do, worked.

And there came a point when I was just DONE with signing up to challenges, free PDF's and opt in's that promised they'd help me move forward (but didn't).

Basically... it felt like rolling sh*t uphill.

So if that's how you're feeling... ya, I get it.

  • I know how it feels to promote a webinar and have only one person show up #awks
  • I know how it feels to DREAM of being invited to the summits and the collaborations
  • I know how it feels to spend endless amounts of time doing ALL the things they tell you to, and still getting nowhere
  • I know the frustration and disheartening feeling of seeing your Instagram numbers go up and down by the same amount each day.
  • And then.... when you feel like quitting because your partner (as if you weren't feeling bad enough already) starts asking why you're spending all of this time on your phone and computer for no reward #showmethemoney

I have two degrees in marketing and communications, 20+ years' experience and I still needed to knuckle down and figure it out, so cut yourself some slack. Without a roadmap from a niche that's similar to yours, IT'S HARD.

But... I did knuckle down and put my extensive experience to the test.

I tested.
I tweaked.
I experimented.
I refined.
And now I have a formula that feels SO easy.

I feel like I have an intimate understanding of how to relate to my audience, craft messages that cut through the noise, grow my audience in leaps and bounds (without working 3873 hours per week) AND that is super profitable.

Finding clients and growing my audience is now the easiest part of my business.

I now have it SO dialled in, that it feels effortless. #sorrynotsorry

Results like these aren't a once off.

So.... how would it feel....

  • To have big names reaching out to you for collaborations like Monica?
  • To fill up your 1:1 practice solely through Instagram and YouTube like Jen?
  • To see your followers grow dramatically and add 500 subscribers to your list like Naomi?
  • Or to have clients reaching out to you through Instagram asking HOW they can jump in to work with you like Jackie?
  • Instagram Reels that reach nearly 800k people like Meta?
  • Or even to just feel that relief because someone who is ACTUALLY in your niche working alongside you (and not a generic business coach) to show you what's currently working and what's not?
  • To get that roadmap and CLEAR instructions on where to post and what to post so that you can *actually start to get traction?
  • Or just to be around peeps who 'get it' and who you can form connections with and brainstorm together with?

Ready to start getting noticed?

Hey, I'm Robyn

I'm an Aussie with a sailor's mouth and big hand gestures. But beyond that I have spent the last 3 years working with women who are navigating infertility. I have a podcast (The Fertility Warriors) that has ranked in the top 35 amongst Oprah's Soul Sessions and Bulletproof Radio, I'm about to reach 3/4 million (yes.. million!) podcast downloads and I have an Instagram account that continues to rise in followers (approx 500 per month) with a really easy implementation strategy.

On top of that... for the last 3 years, I've only spent about 6 hours per week on my business, but still managed to hit that magical 6 figure year.

I have two degrees in Marketing and Communications and more than 20 years' experience doing things like major newspaper and TV campaigns, raising nearly $200,000 for charity in a single event and overseeing a team of 20 people.

I am NOT a business coach who struck it lucky. I'm a highly experienced marketing consultant, who is here to help you do more, in less.

And I want to help you do the same

You'll get the fast track secrets about where your clients are hiding, how to get them to engage with you and how to get them to take action.

These are the secrets I've spent years and thousands of dollars learning and you can get there MUCH faster and at a fraction of the investment.

Imagine having Instagram posts that get 80,000 views, or receive more than 1,500 website visitors from Pinterest each month... or an account that receives hundreds of email subscribers on autopilot month after month.

It's completely possible for you.

The Fertility Growth Formula

The Fertility Growth Formula is an instant access course for acupuncturists, naturopaths, fertility coaches, wellness practitioners, tech companies + more - who want to grow their audience and discover WHERE they should be investing their energy.

You'll discover how to get your first 500 email subscribers and grow your audience like a boss (without working 8475 hours per week or spending your life savings on Facebook Advertising)

Saavy Social Media
  • The complete lowdown on WHICH social media channels to funnel your efforts into (and which ones don't cut the mustard). THIS is the Fertility Growth Formula. Valued at $297
Clever Evergreen Content
  • Whether you invest your time in a blog, podcast or YouTube Channel, I show you how to create content that will continue to build your audience for YEARS to come. As you may know already... it's not just about putting something out there, it's about putting STRATEGIC content out there that gets you discovered. Valued at $2,497
Opt in on Steroids
  • Once your audience is growing, we work together to get them on your email list and get you to 500 subscribers, so you have a great audience to start putting your offers in front of. Valued at $297
Insta Growth Injection
  • Instagram is one of our core channels and we dive DEEP into not just how to grow a following, but how to get traction as a business owner. This program gives you a complete look into how to get the most from your Instagram. Valued at $1997
Brand Like a Boss
  • We help you get your fundamental branding strategy in order (it's like the foundations on a house) WITHOUT having to pay thousands in logos and professional photography - just the stuff that counts. Valued at $697
BONUS: Time Domination
  • Get the low down on just HOW I do all the things I do (i.e. half a million podcast downloads and a 6 figure business), with only 6 hours per week. Valued at $297
Your Pinterest Game Plan
  • If you aren't investing your time into Pinterest... you're missing out. Discover how to leverage this super powerful search engine to gain hundreds of leads each month, on autopilot. Valued at $497
Copy that Converts
  • You need to speak in a way that pushes buttons and deeply resonates with your audience. Together, we map out EXACTLY who you're speaking to, and HOW you need to speak with them, to make your message magnetic. Valued at $397
BONUS: Dream Discovery Call
  • Want a copy of the *exact* email I sent that gave me 50 (yes 5-0) discover calls in just one week? You get to swipe it! Valued at $97

But here's the best bonus of all...
when you implement this formula, it will also help with....

Reducing Ad Costs

High quality organic content and understanding what motivates your consumers can result in crazy low ad costs - some of my clients gain webinar leads for less than $1! And they do that, because they've learnt first how to organically market to their clients

Knowing what your audience actually WANTS

Once you've got to that point of knowing what resonates with your audience to grow your social media following, you have a REALLY good idea of what they are looking for AND can easily validate programs and products BEFORE you put in the hard yards.

Selling your Programs and Products

When you have an email audience of 500 subscribers that you've primarily built organically (along with the associated social media) you have an audience of ready and waiting buyers ready to launch your passive product to

Networking and Partnerships

Rather than spending all day trying to 'get on podcasts' and be invited to summits, growing your organic audience has them coming to YOU, as well as positions you as an expert in your space.

Kind words from clients...

I look forward to her lives and inspirational 'real talk'

Robyn’s program gave me the confidence to finally step out and let my voice start to be heard as a small business owner.

A year later into the program and Robyn is still so supportive, engaging in her FB group and seriously funny. I look forward to her lives and her inspirational "real talk", I also have to say the community is so collaborative and it is an honor to be a part of such high calibre people trying to make a difference in the fertility community. Thank you for ALL you do Robyn.

jackie figueras - miscarriage support coach

She has saved me so much time, money and energy!

I admired Robyn’s work from afar long time before having the chance to work with her. Her voice is an absolute authority in this niche.

 The insight she offers into what WORKS and what does NOT when it comes to building an audience in the fertility arena is priceless. She has saved me so much time, money, and energy! Her no bullshit style and determination to get results fast was exactly what I needed.

devon baeza - money mindset coach

If you have the opportunity to work with Robyn - I would RUN to it!

Robyn Birkin is such a magnificent light for the fertility community. I have been connecting with Robyn for a few years now and we have worked together multiple times and I am so entirely grateful.

 If you have the opportunity to work with Robyn I would RUN to it! Such a great opportunity! 

Darrien Minnie - yoga instructor + coach

I'm learning so much already!

I've joined the Fertility Growth Formula and working my way through the modules and am learning so much already!

Norrina Meechan

Highly recommend!

Love love love the information shared in this program. With Robyn's guidance I have a clear path to forge ahead, I have dialled into my niche and am able to navigate social media in a more savvy way and can't wait to soak up more information. 

Highly recommended and can't speak enough of how much a badass coach and beautiful and highly knowledgeable person this woman is!

emma Bowen - cancer thriver coach

It has helped me get from 800 followers to 1400 in just a few months!

I absolutely love the Fertility Growth Formula. It has helped me get from 800 followers to 1400 in just a few months. I feel confident now that I am spending my time in the most productive way on social media whereas before I felt like I was posting a huge amount but hardly getting any traction. I need to understand why I am investing my time in doing something and Robyn explains the balance of posts and how to get your accounts actually working for you.

Naomi Woolfson - hypnotherapist and fertility coach

because this is how I do business...

Plus you'll receive....

  • 6/ mo's Monthly Q+A's: Got a burning question? Want my eyes on your socials? Need me to audit your Instagram? Each month I go live with the info you want to hear for a group coaching session. 
  • Super supportive (but no-fluff) Facebook Group: We get down to business in our Facebook Group. None of the fluffy day of the week/share thread type junk that makes you want to turn off your notifications #aintnobodygottimeforthat. Just straight up VALUE and info you want to hear.

Ready to start getting noticed?

100% Money Back Guarantee for 7-Days


I feel very passionate about building this industry because I know just how powerful these lessons were on my journey, and also how lonely and hopeless it can feel when it feels like nothing is working. I've created a super easy to say yes to offer AND a money back guarantee, because I want to make it really easy for you to say YES to this program.

I have two degrees in marketing and communications, and have worked within marketing for nearly 20 years. I have spent thousands of dollars on 1:1 business coaching - I have learnt and experienced A LOT. I am the real deal.

BUT, I understand that you might feel nervous investing, especially if you are feeling worn out and that's why I've created a money back guarantee for you - if my Aussie accent gives you the irks, if you feel my advice isn't resonating with you, I'll refund your money. All of it. Just drop me an email within 7 days of your purchase, and show me that you've done the work as outlined in the videos and, and I'll refund all of your money, including any processing fees. No hard feelings.

Frequently asked questions

1. Ugggh, I've invested in *so* many things and people. What makes this different?

Oh gosh, I know that feeling all too well. Let me tell you first what this ISN'T. This is NOT an expensive 1:1 coaching programme and finishes and then you feel stuck. This is NOT advice on HOW to be a coach (you don't need it right now, trust me) This is NOT a course in advertising - advertising is for scaling your audience AFTER you've figured out what works organically.

This is NOT another business coach - this is someone who is IN your niche RIGHT NOW, testing and working and getting results. This is an easy to digest (and to the point!) ecourse with incredible cheat sheets where I share my exact strategy (no holds barred). This is advice on how to get the cogs to start turning and to stop feeling like you're shouting out 'hello' into the Grand Canyon and hearing nothing but crickets.

I totally get that you might have invested all this money but... if you haven't achieved the results you were after.... and want to see those results sooner, then sometimes the way to get there, is by bucking up and investing in the learning. The alternative? Spending another six months... a year... staying stuck and then coming back after all that time, feeling like you should have just joined before.

Quick Recap - what you're doing wrong, how you can fix it, with easy-to-implement advice AND DIRECT ADVICE to help wellness businesses grow their following and authority.

2. But aren't we all competitors?

Sis, have you even seen The Handmaid's Tale?! We are entering a fertility crisis here and NOW is the time for us all to rise, together. There are thousands of different personalities, special talents, qualifications, products and services out there available to you and I am not a one trick pony. Plus, I firmly believe that there are enough pieces of the pie for everyone and that women truly need our help. ALSO.... if seeking help becomes 'a thing' - and the message starts coming through to our audience loud and clear - I feel that is going to help me.

3. Do you offer 1:1 Coaching?
I offer a limited number of premium 1:1 coaching spots. If you're interested, please feel free to contact me directly.! I do also have an annual Mastermind which people in Fertility Growth Formula (and current Mastermind group) have first dibs on.

4. How is this different to your Mastermind?
Our Mastermind is high-touch, high-strategy with a holistic business focus, and as a result carries a premium price. The Fertility Growth Formula is the foundation and first/ second step in my business pillars (Radar, Opt In, Sales, Service), so I highly recommend taking the Fertility Growth Formula first, and then once you've started the ball rolling, consider the Mastermind.

5. How long will this take before I start seeing traction?

If you follow the modules from the start to finish, you can see traction immediately, regardless of your follower size however I'd suggest that for most people, there's a little trial and error, and after 3 - 4 weeks of consistency, they are cooking with gas.

6. I'm on like minus time... how long will this take me to implement?

Oh, I feel you! So... I've made ALL of the course available to you as soon as you begin, so you can block off a day and work your way through. I've also kept the worksheets to a minimum because let's not do work for work's sake... but we do have one module that has a meaty (but oh so valuable) worksheet that is incredibly important. All up, I'd say either an hour per week for 8 weeks, or a full day of binging.

7. Ermmm..... I'm not a fertility coach. Would this be a waste of my time?

Nope, not at all. This formula works for all niches, and in particular any of the women's wellness niches, but the formula can be applied equally to money mindset, business coaching and many other areas.

I would say however, that it is not suitable for ecommerce businesses, influencers or publishing platforms. It's for service providers.

8. If this is the last round, how long will I have access to the content? Will there be other opportunities?

Such a great question, and I want to reassure you that you are absolutely not missing out - and you'll have access to this program for a minimum 12 months (most people wouldn't even look at a program past the first few months. You'll also receive AMAZING value as part of our Facebook Group and have access to our monthly group coaching and Q+A Sessions where we can work together to help you getting traffic and leads on autopilot. This will be the ONLY opportunity you'll have to join the program in this capacity and with such depth on social media and traffic generation, at this price.


We would like to respect and honour the Whadjuk people of the Noongar Nation who are the traditional custodians of the land we work on today. We pay our respects to owners past and present and to the ongoing living culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait people.

CLIENT DISCLAIMER: The results of our clients are real and awesome, but please know specific results are not typical. Every effort has been made to provide you with the tools and resources to assist you in your business, however no guarantees are made that you will earn any money using the techniques, ideas and products we provide. Please note that our products are for your use only and not for resale. Further terms and disclaimers are contained within our terms and conditions.