7 ways to get more lead magnet downloads from Instagram

Want more leads from Instagram?

I’ve actually never seen a platform quite like Instagram. Outside of podcasting (which is my love language), Instagram is such a powerful and free advertising platform for your business, with a really high calibre of leads and clients, especially if you’re a health and wellness practitioner for other women.

When you have an online business, the goal is always to get people off one platform, and to follow you on multiple platforms and the first other place to send people is your email list. I’ve heard of SO many business owners who have woken up one day and their entire account has been hacked or disabled and they’ve had to start again, but if all you had was an Instagram following on one account – you’d be stuffed!

If you have an email list – you can send an email to everyone and poof! start a new account and (almost) pick up where you left off. Your email list also offers an unparalleled opportunity to invite people to work with you and use your products and services, and also invite people to engage with you on any other platforms you’re using (such as your podcast, any new or other social media platforms you’re on).

So in today’s episode we’re talking about how to get more people who follow you on Instagram, to come and join your email list by downloading your lead magnet. You’ll learn:

  • Some of the biggest mistakes I see people make
  • Some of the reasons you might be feeling stuck on Instagram and not knowing what to post (or struggling to create content)
  • 7 ways to get more downloads from Instagram and people to join your email list

If you’re feeling a roadblock somewhere on Instagram or what you’re doing isn’t working, come and reach out to me on Instagram and we can chat more about what might be going on for you (and how to change that)! You’ll find me @launcheasylife

For more support, tips and insights:

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