Hello friend,

Ready for the next chapter?

You've done so well!

It's time to keep the momentum going and enter the next chapter, with a completely new twist and new level of support.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with you this year, and I'd be honoured to walk alongside you in 2023 and beyond...

You've kicked some serious goals, whether you realise it or not...

Maybe you've steamed ahead, launched the things, finished all the trainings and you're excited for the next level!

Maybe you're out the gates and you've got started. There's more work to do but you know that you're ready to keep this going.

You love the 1:1 support and big-hearted value you've received.

Maybe you've spent time in deep reflection and made giant internal progress (the massive step that's hard to see from the outside!), made some tweaks and now have the clarity to take big action.

You want the community.

You love the insight.

You can't imagine receiving this much value anywhere else.

You're ready to deepen your knowledge and take the next step.

Why should you continue on?

The only person who can answer that question.... is you.

Whether the work has been external or internal, what happens next in your business and how you wish to proceed is completely up to you.

I'll never give you the hard sell, but here's some questions to journal on...

  • Do you feel confident that you can kick it to the next notch without the coaching or community?
  • Do you have all the tools you need and trust yourself to implement the things on your to-do list?
  • Do you feel you'd get more value, more support or more strategies with a coach from another industry?
  • Do you feel like your work is finished?
  • Do you want access to all of Robyn's training portal materials (including major updates planned for 2023) for whatever happens next in your business?
  • Do you want to take advantage of continued 1:1 coaching with Robyn at a heavily reduced rate?
  • Do you want to be part of this unique community of women running and creating their businesses in the margins?
  • Do you want to join and lock in lifetime access to our Facebook Group and training materials at this price (it will be significantly increasing mid-year AND you'll miss out on the discounted rate)


A uniquely run 6 month mastermind by Robyn Birkin for Women's Health Businesses that are ready to refine and grow their impact and income (without working crazy hours).

Our Mastermind is a powerful hybrid experience of live group coaching, 1:1 coaching and on-demand resources, designed to help businesses thrive in short pockets of time.

I've built this experience with YOU in mind.

How would it feel next year if....

You had a support network with peers who get it... and not just in a business sense - but understood the juggle mixed with the passion: juggling all the balls, whilst still feeling called to serve the community, your job, your family and do all the things.

You got to the end of the year and you DID it. 

You launched the thing.
You were known for the things.
You got the traction.
You figured out the formula.

And you were so goddam proud of yourself

You had direction and a game plan - you knew what the next steps were in your business and have the reassurance that you're on the right track with the tweaks you need to make things work, or (before you waste anymore time) the foresight to help you pivot slightly to get you where you want to go.

People actually came TO YOU.

People just started reaching out to you as an expert and asking to work with you. Instead of always feeling like you had to have this hard sales pitch... all of a sudden, you were just recognised as the person, the DM's came... and you didn't need to constantly hustle or pitch for business.

You got to feel like [finally] you were one of those peeps in the 'in crowd' - you know - the ones who collaborate together, invite each other to Summits, shout each other out on socials and make true and genuine friendships with others in your industry.

You reached your Personal Best.

You come away from the year knowing, trusting and having shown yourself, that it IS possible to serve people whilst not running yourself (or your relationship) into the ground.

Let me breakdown what you'll receive...

At the heart of everything I do, is providing an unparalleled level of value - you quite simply won't find value like this anywhere else. 

All-Access Pass

You'll receive an all-access pass to all my current business trainings, courses, templates, worksheets and more (plus any that are created during your time in the Mastermind) including:

  • Poppin' Podcast
  • IG Ideas Bank
  • Fertility Growth Formula
  • Launch Easy Life
  • Six in Six
  • Path to Profit
  • Facebook Ads for Fertility

PLUS, this time you'll receive lifetime access to all of them. Forget investing in one-off courses and programs that teach one piece of the puzzle. You get my entire playbook.

Valued at $4,379

1:1 Coaching with me

Forget low-touch and support coaches, you get direct access to me with six x 30-minute 1:1 calls with me to talk through your strategy, brainstorm, iron out kinks and help you get unstuck and moving forward with ease.

Valued at $1,997

Unlimited Laser Coaching

Yes, you read that right. You get me in your back pocket for all your rapid fire questions through Messenger, IG or WhatsApp.

No more sitting in your office wondering what the next step is and having to wait for the next call - during our 6 months together, I'll help you focus, accelerate and progress and get back in touch with you in the same business day (business hours).

Valued at $2,997

Office Hours and Goal Setting Sessions

Connect in live time with other Masterminders, get instant feedback or practical support with our office hours sessions.

Robyn will be there for you over Zoom to help you troubleshoot, implement, build relationships and stay on track.

Then join us live each month for a powerful one-hour Reset, Reflect and Goal Set Session.

Valued at $2,997

Monthly Engine Room Sessions

Have you ever wondered what TRULY goes on behind the scenes of businesses that are a step ahead of yours?

Enter Robyn's Monthly Engine Room Sessions, where she'll give you the full BTS tour (no holds barred) of her business, industry reflections, and focus items to help give you clarity on what the future might look like. These sessions are always crazy valuable and packed with juicy insights.

Valued at $997

Squad Facebook Group

Daily accountability and connection with like-minded peers to help you connect, network, create joint promotions and support you through all the things (the launches, the life, the business, the struggles and the wins!)

This Facebook Group will become your go-to place.

And access in 2023 doesn't expire.

Valued at $497

You're my Insider... So you get a Special Rate...

  • All Access Pass to Current Online Programs, Tools, Resources and Templates (value $4,379)
  • 6 x 30 minute 1:1 Coaching Sessions with me (value $1,997)
  • Unlimited Laser Coaching (value $2,997)
  • Office Hours and Goal Setting Sessions (value $2,997)
  • Monthly Engine Room Sessions (value $997)
  • Squad Facebook Group (value $497)

the 'Regular' Price



/once off payment

Total Value: $12,064

$2997 pay in full

insiders (that's you!) INVESTMENT



/once off payment

Total Value: $12,064

$1,497 pay in full

That's half price!

Insider Important Info

  • Doors Open Now for Insiders
  • Insiders Bonus Finishes: 26 October
  • Doors Close: Wednesday 2 November 
  • Mastermind Officially Commences: Monday 9 January (6 months)
  • As this is a high-touch experience, there are only a limited number of places (first in, best dressed)

Squad Insiders are not required to reapply or submit an application form (but are welcome to join a call if you'd like). If you decide to join us again for 2023, you can message Robyn who'll organise for you to confirm your place (and jump for joy!)

If you're interested and curious, Robyn has an Insiders Bonus that you may wish to take advantage of - message Robyn for Details.

Walk me through what's different...

Every year in the Mastermind, we complete an unfiltered review of what's worked and what we can refine. 

Here's a summary of the changes we've made to the 2023 intake

  • This intake includes 6 months support, rather than 12 BUT, will include lifetime access to the course materials and lifetime access to the Facebook group, meaning that you'll only have to upgrade in the future if you wish to add more 1:1 sessions... and that the community will continue to grow beyond just the current intake (This means... more value, at a more accessible price)
  • The Mastermind is becoming Robyn's signature program as she focuses her energy on business coaching for wellness - meaning more time, energy and dedication to making this program foolproof and unparalleled value.
  • The 2023 Mastermind will be run with one coach only: Robyn
  • We're transitioning the quarterly group coaching sessions, in favour of committing to regular office hours sessions, and monthly goal setting sessions

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine...

  • Continuing your support through the next stage of your business with someone who intimately knows your business and your struggles, without having to explain evverrryyything to a new coach
  • Getting to meet and connect with new (and continuing) friends and colleagues within wellness (rather than other containers that include people from all walks of life, with different business challenges, goals and systems)
  • Being part of the next iteration of Well Conceived (coming along for the ride), and getting (lifetime!) access to Robyn's existing (and created during your 6/mo's) courses and programs
  • A no-fluff mastermind that has convenience at its core and is committed to unwavering and abundant support at your fingertips - through all the things!
  • Not having to decide what program or what coach is next, or worry about shiny object syndrome... giving you the mental freedom to make the decisions that really count: the decisions about moving forward your business

Frequently Asked Questions

Sniff sniff... where's Devon?

We love Devon! But gurl is kicking goals in other areas of her life and it's time for her next chapter.

Robyn and Devon are still as close as ever - she busts out the 90s hip hop and Robyn translates Aussie phrases every week. It is still a match made in heaven.

What you do still have is Robyn's ridiculous good looks, sharp wit and sparkling personality lol

Do I still receive access to the portal if I don't continue?

Nope. Our pricing (and messaging) was based around 12 months only access to training materials (this new iteration is based on lifetime access and is the first time we've offered this option - this price, program and future direction has been built around lifetime access).

What if I decide to move on?

Then we'll love you and leave you! If you're currently in the Mastermind, your Portal and Facebook Group Access will continue until 6 January.

Any unused 1:1 calls will be forfeited.

But absolutely no shade! And I'm still one of your biggest cheerleaders!

Are you still doing the quarterly group coaching calls?

No, I won't be. I recognise that everyone is busy and located in different time zones and so I would prefer to provide on-demand trainings for you in the portal - and give you the opportunity to have more office hours sessions.

Our Office Hours Sessions were an unadvertised but important community building/feedback tool, so we'll be investing more time into more casual sessions.

Do I need to reapply?

No, you don't. You can discuss this with Robyn over Messenger, but as you're a current Insider, you receive an automatic discount and entry into this mastermind, if you'd like to take it.

What if I don't join... but then change my mind?

You'll be able to work with Robyn on a 1:1 capacity or wait until the next round of the Mastermind and join at the normal rate.

You're my Insider... So you get a Special Once-Off Rate...

  • All Access Pass to Current Online Programs, Tools, Resources and Templates (value $4,379)
  • 6 x 30 minute 1:1 Coaching Sessions with me (value $1,997)
  • Unlimited Laser Coaching (value $2,997)
  • Office Hours and Goal Setting Sessions (value $2,997)
  • Monthly Engine Room Sessions (value $997)
  • Squad Facebook Group (value $497)

the 'Regular' Price



/once off payment

Total Value: $12,064

$2997 pay in full

insiders (that's you!) price



/once off payment

Total Value: $12,064

$1,497 pay in full

That's half price!

I have more questions!

If you're on the fence or have more questions, you know where to find me.

Feel free to hit me up in the DM's or send me an email to organise a quick Zoom chat.

You can email me at hello@robynbirkin.com