It's your time to be seen as a go-to expert.
It's time to make real connections.

It's time for your best year ever.

Have you ever felt like 'surely, it should be easier than this'?

We're here to tell you that it can be.

You're here to make a difference in this world, not spend all day trying to crack the code of where all of your clients are, how to get them begging to work with you, and how to piece together all of the bits and pieces a women's wellness business takes to get going.

Our super power is in helping the helpers.

The big hearted women+ who walk alongside fertility warriors in their darkest moments who want the trifecta:

  • Saving your precious time and energy (so you can spend it having an actual life)
  • Growing your audience and impact to launch and grow passive income that helps you support your family and [finally] give up that job you're tired of
  • Making a difference to all the folks out there who so desperately want to bring a baby into the world, but for one reason or another, the path has been rocky

It doesn't have to feel lonely, exhausting or hard. Let me share my story...

In November 2018, I emailed my list and told them I quit. I was shutting up shop.

It was too hard.

For the entire month of September, I spent every single weekend (and many weeknights) in hospital whilst my husband, Ross and 1 year old daughter, Olivia tag teamed in hospital. He nearly died.

All I could think was 'WTAF am I even doing?'

Running a fertility business was SO much more work than I anticipated.

Every week was a constant juggle of trying to get out a podcast or blog post or YouTube video with what felt like zero time to do it.

I felt like I had to be everywhere, and had to be doing everything... I was working like a hamster on a wheel with the limited time I had whilst I was juggling motherhood (a role I had so desperately wanted for so many years... I needed to appreciate it) and all the other hats... and yet, success just didn't happen as quickly as I had hoped either.

Cue massive burnout.

So... I emailed everyone and announced that I would quit.

Aaannnd then I thought f*ck that

Well actually, it wasn't quite like that.

That's the funny thing about a calling: it just won't leave you alone. I bet you've felt it

I was out at dinner with a friend who was going through IVF.

She burst into tears in the middle of the restaurant as she shared her experience.

"That's not right," I demanded.

"It shouldn't be like this"

... and as I uttered those words I realised that my work wasn't done.

Nobody should have to experience what I had experienced, and I was one of the ones who could help change the story of others.

And let's be honest: I'm not like my 'non-entrepreneur' friends.

Even though I felt jaded.
Even though I felt burnt out.
Even though I wanted to quit (and not just this time - there have been MANY times)
... there was still a fire raging inside me.

... and there's nothing quite like the thrill of truly helping your clients and making true, meaningful change.

I didn't need to quit...

I just needed to take my cues from a different rule book.

Financially, my business was doing ok but.... It felt like I was going so slowly.

I'd been spending SO much wasted time trying to crack the code of other businesses

I took all the webinars.
I tried to sign up to their mailing lists and I desperately analysed their Instagram profiles to find out what THEY were doing that I wasn't.
I signed up for courses and left feeling more confused.
I worked with coaches who were great... but there was just something about the fertility niche that cut different... every time.

My business was NOT sustainable, and it's no surprise that when the wobbles hit at home... it was like a tornado ripped apart my business.

But, I didn't need to quit, I just needed a strategy and a formula, and a business that was life-proof.

I needed that wake up call, because just a few years later, life looks a lot different.

I put my 20+ years of marketing experience and two degrees to work, and flipped my business on it's head as I worked an average of 6 hours per week in my business. During that same time, I was able to:

  • Reach six figures in revenue (seriously - six figs in six hours per week) and have those magical 5 figure launches
  • Achieve a podcast that ranked amongst the top 35 in the US for Alternative Health (with 750k downloads and counting)
  • Grow my social media channels effortlessly (whilst never feeling stuck or like I'm spending all day on the platform)
  • Dive into Facebook Ads and achieve crazy good stats like a 4x return on investment and leads for 80c
  • Gain 4 figure brand collaborations 

But here's the most important part:

I'm happy to share with you that in 2021 (pandemic aside - ) my personal life has been a shit show...

I've lived what I've preached - I took scary steps and leapt into life without fear to create a joyful life in the moment... but I can't pretend I've been been able to give it 100%. 

I've had two lockdowns with kids (one of which was MID launch - complete with children fighting and pulling at my sleeve mid-live webinar), separated from my husband (and then got back together), moved house four times, nursed a family member with significant pneumonia, spent weeks away travelling and completely overhauled my entire product suite. I've had weeks when I've barely managed one post on Instagram - and my business has still so generously provided for me with an hourly wage that matches my corporate salary... it's allowed me to take the precious time I've needed to do life.

And I know that's what you want too.

You're not here to be spraying money around on a private yacht with your own personal chef, sitting in a gold bikini with diamond encrusted sunglasses.

You just want to help give back to this community - whilst also being able to have the flexibility to enjoy your life (or even just navigate it), and an income that doesn't leave you in poverty.

If you have invested in coaching and courses before and come away feeling frustrated that it just didn't apply to your business or you couldn't make it work with your life or the fertility niche.

Here's the truth:

Take a deep breath here and give yourself some grace.

It's not your fault.

We've all been there.

If you've ever come away from coaches and courses feeling like this "full-time, able to spend 5648 hours per day in their business" coach has zero clue about just how many balls you're juggling..

Cut yourself some slack.

It's an entirely new skill with new rules and it isn't always straight forward. 

We know what it's like to be multi-passionate and not be able to just sit in front of a computer uninterrupted for hours on end. We're not here to tell you that you need to give away your children or quit your job to make it work. We'll show you how WE do the things, in a way that suits us and our limited time.

This is a one-of-a-kind Mastermind

For those whose lives revolve around more than just their business.

For those who are knee deep in the Fertility and Women's Wellness niche.

For those who want it to be joyful and have the support of others who 'get it'

For those who want a decent income, and not chump change

It's time to imagine what an easy business feels like...

Feeling like you know the exact formula to growing your audience and authority organically or using my signature Facebook and Instagram Ads strategy (no more throwing money down the toilets with boosted posts!)

Having a clear and simple six-figure income strategy in your business

Getting to choose the hours you work in your business (with the knowledge that it can be done in just a few hours per week and without that guilty feeling every time you switch on the TV)

Having a consistent income in your business so you can pay yourself a wage, choose your hours, contribute to the household and without wondering how you'll afford to do things like invest in Facebook Ads (or business coaches)

Moving beyond that income ceiling you're currently sitting at to reach your next level in business with ease

Getting that business mojo and motivation back with support, strategy and high vibe hacks

Having FRIENDS you can so easily count on, not just in your business (dream collaborations, brainstorming and support), but in real life

Introducing the Well Conceived Mastermind

A uniquely run mastermind by Robyn Birkin and Devon Baeza for Women's Health Businesses that are ready to refine and grow their impact and income (without working crazy hours).

Our Mastermind is a hybrid experience of live group coaching, 1:1 coaching and on-demand resources, designed to help businesses thrive in short pockets of time.

We've built this experience with YOU in mind.

A flexible yet high touch experience, for professionals whose time is precious

1:1 Coaching

Let's get you straight into results. Each member of the Well Conceived Mastermind receives 8 1:1 sesisons (4 with Robyn so we can get your strategy sorted and jam on technology, funnels, advertising and audience and 4 sessions with Devon to help you get unstuck and moving forward with momentum).

You get to book in these calls when you need them.

group sprints + support

At the beginning of each quarter, we'll catch up over 3 weeks to help plan, troubleshoot and motivate you to continue kicking goals in your business.

But... you'll also receive ongoing support through our Facebook Group and our Monthly Q+A and Biz Insight Sessions.

on demand library

From Canva Shortcuts to every template you can imagine for your launch, Instagram for Infertility Course to our Launch Easy Life Framework - you'll have a wealth of on demand ecourses, programs and resources that you can dive into as you need.

Is this for you?

This is right for you if:

  • You are an Acupuncturist, Naturopath, Nutritionist, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Blogger/Influencer, Fertility Coach, Life Coach, Membership Site Owner, Fertility App, E-Commerce Provider, Nurse or Embryologist - or other business that supports people with infertility (although we do also have participants in neighbouring niches such as cancer, pregnancy loss, post-partum health and menopause - think women's wellness)
  • You uphold yourself to the highest ethics and are driven by a desire to help
  • You want consistent income that helps support you (as well as your expenses)
  • You want to work smarter, and not harder.
  • You are an action taker and are ready to put in the work.
  • You know in your bones that you were meant to do this, but now you just need to fill in some gaps on the HOW.
  • You don't want bro-marketing or icky sales strategies
  • You've done the courses and worked with coaches, and realised that it doesn't all apply to our niche... and that it's just an overwhelming waste of time... and are now ready for the FULL PLAYBOOK and open transparency
  • You want to make connections and true friends in the industry - who you feel you can count on for support, brainstorming and more
  • You don't want cookie cutter strategies. You want real time feedback on calls and a (SIMPLE) long term business plan that suits your life and your business.
    You know that success takes hard work, but you also want to have a life and don't want to work crazy hours.

This is NOT right for you if:

  • You haven't been out there having a crack.  This program isn't for absolute beginners. You don't need to be earning 6 or even 5 figures, but you do need to have been putting things out there. Applicants should ideally have a website and made some income in their business (even if it's just $500 - if you haven't but would still love to join - feel free to apply, but know you'll be getting things up and running quickly). Trust us, you'll get SO much more out of this if that's where you're at. The current revenue levels of our members vary dramatically - from $500 right up to $100,000.
  • You are not coachable and only want to do things the way you *think* they should be done. You need to be fully flexible, open minded and willing to test new strategies.
  •  You don't have the time to take action and get things started or show up for our weekly calls - we want to move fast to get you up and running.
  •  You aren't willing to contribute to the group - we want team players who aren't driven by fear or scarcity and who are willing to share. There's enough business for everyone #communityovercompetition

What Others Say


Robyn Birkin is such a magnificent light for the fertility community. I have been connecting with Robyn for a few years now and we have worked together multiple times and I am so entirely grateful.

 If you have the opportunity to work with Robyn I would RUN to it! Such a great opportunity! 


I've gone from 800 followers to 1400 in just a few months

I absolutely love the Fertility Growth Formula. It has helped me get from 800 followers to 1400 in just a few months. I feel confident now that I am spending my time in the most productive way on social media whereas before I felt like I was posting a huge amount but hardly getting any traction. I need to understand why I am investing my time in doing something and Robyn explains the balance of posts and how to get your accounts actually working for you.


VIP Coaching Experience

I work with a very limited number of 1:1 clients who are ready to develop a sustainable online woman's wellness or fertility-focused business (without the burnout).

4 months

We work together over 4 months so that we can make true and sustainable inroads in your business and help you get where you want to be, troubleshoot together and set up your business for long term success.

high touch

We catch up weekly for 45 minutes, and I'm in touch with you almost daily - you have the best of me and you are my absolute priority so you have someone cheering you on and who can troubleshoot, review and give pointers anytime.

high value

You don't just get weekly calls and unlimited laser coaching with me, but you'll also receive VIP access to my other products and resources (with lifetime access), from template packs to courses on social media, Facebook etc. $5,000+ value

1 place available for 2021 - book a call to reserve this spot.

What Others Say

can't speak enough of how much a badass coach... this woman is

With Robyn's guidance I have a clear path to forge ahead, I have dialled into my niche and am able to navigate social media in a more savvy way and can't wait to soak up more information. 

Highly recommended and can't speak enough of how much a badass coach and beautiful and highly knowledgeable person this woman is!



I admired Robyn’s work from afar long time before having the chance to work with her. Her voice is an absolute authority in this niche.

 The insight she offers into what WORKS and what does NOT when it comes to building an audience in the fertility arena is priceless. She has saved me so much time, money, and energy! Her no bullshit style and determination to get results fast was exactly what I needed.


What makes this experience *so* special

2 coaches

It's the perfect marriage of fun, mindset and strategy - and two coaches means double the value, double the eyes on your business, double the cheerleading and double the support.


We're all in the same arena here, so you know those *quirks* of the fertility industry? Sometimes that standard advice for marketing businesses doesn't apply to people trying to conceive. Have you ever just thought 'ya, that won't fly for my business' - that won't happen here.

Not to mention, that because we're all in the same niche, we get to collaborate together on projects.

fully qualified

Robyn is PROPERLY qualified in Marketing (two university degrees, 20 years experience AND Devon is a Master Life Coach with with degrees in finance and investments, not to mention years of experience managing and owning brick and mortar businesses. We are both running a women's health businesses alongside this Intensive. We are in the thick of it every day testing and tweaking. We don't know anyone else with the same experience we have and in such a uniquely qualified position to assist you with your business.

This is an intimate group experience with limited places. Reserve your place today.

What Others Say


I just wanted to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU and for helping guide me through the launch of The Fertility Tribe Bundle. I learned so much about how to market and sell a digital product and proved to myself that I CAN use my platform to sell digital products. Thank you for believing in me and helping me to believe in myself. You're the best!



What I love most about working with Robyn is her down to earth, friendly approach. She walked me through things step by step in a way that was easy to understand. I trust this amazing woman with my website and she is my go-to person for all future projects. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


Your coaches...

Robyn is a leading consultant for women's wellness and health focused businesses, building her own a six figure + business, working an average of six hours per week.

With 20+ years' experience as a top-rated marketing manager, a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Commerce specialising in Marketing and Public Relations and a business owner, she now proudly helps other women+ working in women's health and fertility to grow their businesses and impact so they can create sustainable income, strategic systems and fulfil their passion of helping other's improve their wellbeing.

Why? Because a rising tide lifts all the ships.

Her Effortless Audience Growth Formula and strategy for easy and stress free passive income launches, as well as ruthless commitment to ensuring that entrepreneurs shine and succeed by creating systems and processes that reduce burnout and allow business owners to step away from their businesses while they continue to earn revenue.

  • Double degree qualified in Marketing and Promotions
  • More than half a million downloads of the award-winning podcast, The Fertility Warriors
  • Achieved a six figure+ annual income in less than 6 hours per week
  • Featured in major publications including 9News, Your Zen Mama, Refinery29 and featured in multiple cookbooks.

Devon Baeza is known as The Fertility Finance Coach and lives on the Georgia coast with her hubby and 2 littles. The oldest is her IVF rainbow baby and her youngest was the surprise of a lifetime when she got natural prego for the first time in her 30’s!

She has combined degrees in Finance, Investments, and Master Life Coach training with years of fertility treatment to help women make, save, and manifest money. She loves coaching fertility-focused Biz owners 1:1 on their money mindset issues.

In her 10 years of managing and owning multiple brick and mortar businesses, she dealt with it all! Budget constraints, endless employee issues, the challenges of hiring and firing.

BUT it has been amazing. Some of her favorite moments have been:

  • Presenting in NYC to a sold out crowd
  • Helping biz owners gain their very first paying client
  • Attending TRIBE Live in Toronto for world class membership site training
  • Starting The Fertile Money Club, the only online membership of it’s kind! 
  • Being interviewed by CNBC for an important piece shedding light on the financial struggles couples face affording fertility treatment 
  • Watching my clients use the principals I teach to manifest thousands of dollars (It never gets old!)

What Others Say

My coaching program has doubled and my email list has nearly tripled in just 4 months!

I had been following Robyn for quite some time and loved her message. I signed up for the Fertility Growth Formula and found it really helpful. I had worked with business coaches before, but none of them understood the infertility community. When I learned that Robyn did private coaching, I jumped at the chance to grow my business from someone who had a wealth of experience in this space.

I was initially hesitant about whether Robyn would come in and make major changes in my business that I wasn't comfortable with. However after our first call, it became apparent that we both wanted the same thing. Her suggestions and strategy enhanced my existing programs and built upon the work I had already done.

Before I started coaching with Robyn, it felt like all I was doing was selling to my audience. It didn't feel comfortable and I wanted to find a way to communicate my programs without it diluting my message. I had tried Facebook advertising prior to our coaching but it hadn't worked, but together created sales funnels around all of my programs, including a strategy for Facebook advertising that works and as a result, my coaching program has doubled and my email list has increased from 450 to 1400.

Every single part of my business has benefitted. If I had to be specific it would be my mailing list and my presence on social media. Because I no longer have to sell as much, I am able to serve them better.

It has been a breath of fresh air working with someone who knows the infertility community AND marketing better than anyone else. Robyn was responsive, a wealth of knowledge and completely honest, which I respected.


Some Important Info

Here are a few important pieces of information you should know before applying

1. If I hit the 'apply' button am I committed? What happens next?

Nope. Once you hit apply, you'll be directed to an application and calendar booking form. It's really important to ensure that the Intensive is a good fit for you and you're a good fit for the program. We'll organise a 15 minute chat with you to see if you have any questions and discuss next steps and whether we believe we can help you in your business... or an email chat, or Messenger chat - we're completely flexible and happy to roll however you want. It's just a chat.

If your instinct is telling you to apply, do it, you aren't obligated until after our chat and after you decide to jump in.

If the program is a fit, and you're on board, then we'll let you know and send you an invoice for payment. 

Once you have committed to the program and paid the deposit, please be aware that we lovingly have a no refund policy. There are only a limited number of spaces available in the program (meaning that someone else may have missed out) and we'll be holding space for you. It's normal to feel nervous about investing 4 figures in a program, but also realise that this is essentially the cost of 4 x 1:1 clients and we're 600% confident the knowledge and community we're providing is INVALUABLE.

Like seriously, where else would you receive 2 coaches with such expertise, and who are running their businesses alongside you, in the same industry as you!

2. When are the calls scheduled?
We're aiming to make them a consistent day and time.
The times will be determined once all members are on board and we will take everyone's time zones into consideration. It depends on the applications received and the time zones of everyone.
3. I don't like swearing or Aussie accents
Well... shit. This ain't your mastermind then. We also like 80s and 90s Hip Hop, showing up for Facebook Lives in our PJs and talking about quirky Australian words like cubby house, hamper and fang it.

4. I have a bricks and mortar business. Is this only for people who have online coaching businesses?
Oh heck no. This is going to be TOTALLY relevant. The majority of our working lives have been spent working with bricks and mortar businesses so we have all the tricks up our sleeves, including Facebook Ad strategies, point of sale strategies and more.

5. But aren't we all competitors?
We are entering a fertility crisis here and NOW is the time for us all to rise, together. There are thousands of different personalities, special talents, qualifications, products and services out there available to you and we are not one trick ponies. Plus, we firmly believe that there are enough pieces of the pie for everyone and that women truly need our help.

We're guided by a big hearted mission to help women through tricky journeys to conceive - and your contribution is part of that!

6. Do you offer 1:1 coaching?
Yes, but not at these prices. And you'll still receive TONNES of individual support, strategy planning and troubleshooting, rest assured.

7. How is this different to the Fertility Growth Formula?
It's SO different. The Fertility Growth Formula is centered around audience growth strategies and it's an e-course. Our Intensive is high-touch, high-strategy with a holistic business focus AND it's about the community in the Intensive coming together regularly to strategise and brainstorm.
You're absolutely right that we spend the first five weeks delving into topics that we cover in the Fertility Growth Formula - but with two key differences - you get the HIGH touch feedback and troubleshooting that an ecourse just can't provide, and then, we go far beyond that with essential mindset lessons, and the second half of the puzzle (sales and service) that the course just can't provide. The Intensive is essentially for people who are ready for strategic, consistent and sustainable income generation. 
It has a sales and service focus. So when we talk about social media bootcamp, we aren't talking about how to write posts or get engagement (chances are, you've got that covered already, although that's covered in the Fertility Growth Formula which you get access to) - we are talking about CONVERTING clients, being STRATEGIC with your income planning, launching the easy (and impactful way), and not having to spend 46654 hours in your business.
This is for folk who are one step ahead and ready for income that counts.

8. That feels like A LOT of money. I'm not making the dolla, dolla bills yet. #scared
Ohhhhh lady, we hear you, and we've been there. And it can be SO terrifying when you're not making bank to invest in learning. Every. Single. Time we've hit the buy or apply button we've been soooooooooo nervous.
Maybe you've made a few grand here and there, but it's not the full-time income you need just yet....
Maybe you set goals for your business income but you just feel like you're not getting there yet...
Maybe it feels like you just can't see the path to making the consistent and scalable income you need (or the time to get there is just draining you).
Here's what we want to say: what got you here won't get you there.
And we've invested in a lot of training - here's a bit from the highlights reel - how to run a membership, to Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook Advertising, E-Course Funnels and Webinars - you name it, this dream team has probably invested in it in one way or another. Excluding our three degrees, all up we've spent more than $40,000, and we can let you know that every single cent has been worth it and the money has come back to us. And the cold hard truth is, when you pay, you pay attention.
Just for a minute, close your eyes and imagine what an amazing 2021 might look like to you, and whether you are ready for things to change, or if you're happy to stay exactly where you are for another year.
We want to let you know one BIG thing - if you hit the apply button, we are NOT going to give you a hard sell to work with us. Yep, it's terrifying to invest money. Yep, it means you're one step closer to getting off the fence and deciding that you DO want this, and this calling you have? Well, it's not going away. So the choice is yours. Sometimes, if nothing changes, nothing changes.
Are these the divine breadcrumbs you've been waiting for?

9. Eeeek. I REALLY want to join but I'm currently working with a coach/in a course
Heeeeey no problem, and sometimes too many cooks spoils the broth (we get that) but.... we don't want you to miss out on this opportunity and this will be the one and only chance you'll have for the entire year of 2021 to access this.
We don't want you to regret it later and get alllll the FOMO when you see the incredible community and group success we've built.
And don't forget. you'll be receiving for the entire year of 2021....

  • Access to our Facebook Group - with networking, group offers and promotions, a safe place to offload your drama (biz AND personal - because it's all connected, right?!), a full peek into the engine room of our businesses like you've never seen before.
  • Access to our training portal with all call replays, cheat sheets, spreadsheets, PDF guides


So... you can jump in now. Join our calls. Work with your people. Then supercharge and trouble shoot with us for the rest of the year. AMMAAZZZZINNNGGG.


PLUS you receive

Lifetime access to the Fertility Growth Formula AND 6 months access to the Fertile Money Club


So... let's say you're working with a coach now, but finish in March.


Yep... that's going to be a busy three months (ha!).... but what happens after that if it doesn't work out?

What about all of the other areas your coach doesn't specialise in?

What about the community and group promotions you'll miss out on?

What about the straight to the point guides and advice you get in our course/membership?


The choice is yours, but don't kick yourself later and have to wait an ENTIRE year to work with us in this capacity.


We also can't guarantee the price will be this incredible in 2022 (or even close to this). This is SUCH incredible value.



10. When do you start? Give me the dates!
Doors officially open 15 October.
Doors close 8 November
All applications must be received by then.
Application Calls will be held across November.
You'll have one week following your call to let us know what you'd like to do.
Once you've paid, you'll receive immediate access to the Fertility Growth Formula, and from 1 December, access to the Fertile Money Club.
From 1 December, we'll also start getting to know each other in the Facebook Group, start giving you some homework or thinking material, give you call details, get you to complete your Deep Dive and get you to bring yourself up to speed on the content in the FGF so that you're ready to go gangbusters in the New Year.
Oh, and give you a hot minute to rest in December, enjoy your Christmas before we get started in the second week of January.
Access to the training portal with additional cheat sheets and resources begins when the coaching begins, and continues for the full year, along with the Facebook Group. Following that, if you'd like continued access, we'd love to invite you to join us again in 2022.

11. I have more questions!
Awesome! We'd love to answer them. Hit the apply button and send through your details and that is EXACTLY what our next step looks like. You are not committed to joining the program if you hit apply - it's just the chance for you to find out more and see whether this is a good fit for you. You have nothing to lose.
P.S. we're not scary, we promise, we don't do sales pitches and we only want people to join if it's right - but the way to find out is to apply and jump on a call or Messenger chat with us.

We would like to respect and honour the Whadjuk people of the Noongar Nation who are the traditional custodians of the land we work on today. We pay our respects to owners past and present and to the ongoing living culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait people.