Well Conceived. Well Paid. Well Lived.

A Mastermind For Health & Wellness Practitioners Who’re Ready To Design A Business That Nourishes Their Life.

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At last: a step-by-step formula to take your health & wellness business and scale it sustainably.

While still getting to be a mama, a wife, a friend, a yogi, a budding tennis player, and enjoying everything that life has to offer. No, you will not be chained to your desk, endlessly busy with more work as you make more money. 

Whether you’re a start-up and looking to make your first $5k months, have been in business a while or looking to stack your income to $20k+ months, Well Conceived walks you through the exact steps to help you get there without working more. It’s about laser focus, strategic decision-making, easy action, and a repeatable system that sees your business growing while you’ve got your laptop closed.

If it feels like the only way to grow your business is to work more, work harder, and spend endless hours in front of your laptop, this is the missing piece you’ve been looking for.

Hey, I'm Robyn.

And I’m not a business coach who sells business coaching to other business coaches. Say that three times quickly.

What I mean is, I’m a business coach who has two degrees in marketing and communications, and 20+ years of experience in marketing, promotions, PR and advertising including managing a $13 million newspaper budget and making $100k in one day for charity and large teams. 

Aaaand the street cred of building the Mind Body Fertility Reset Brand, reaching six figures in six hours per week.

I’m right there, in the trenches of running a wellness business, with you. This means I’ve time testing what works and what doesn’t when it comes to running a sustainable health and wellness brand in six hours a week. 

Here’s what I achieved in six hours a week: 

  • A podcast that ranked amongst the Top 35 in the US for Alternative Health
  • Grow my Instagram at a rate of approximately 500 followers per month (whilst never feeling stuck or like I'm spending all day on the platform) - but more so - it's PROFITABLE
  • Experience launches that consistently break personal bests (multiple 5 figures per launch, every time)
  • Dive into Facebook Advertising and achieve crazy good stats like a 4x Return on Ad Spend and leads for 80c
  • Have advertisers approach me (weekly) to advertise on my platforms (hello 4-figure brand deals)
  • Consistently deliver email open rate campaigns with a 40% open rate

As a health and wellness service provider, let me tell you, what works for a regular business does NOT work for us.