"My coaching program has doubled and my email list has nearly tripled in just 4 months!" ~ Jennifer Robertson

Women's Wellness Coaches, Professionals and Practitioners...

Are you ready?

  • To step out of overwhelm and step into a laid back yet wildly successful business.
  • To make real connections.
  • To be seen as the go-to expert.
  • For your best year ever.
  • For the next level.

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Imagine for a moment...

  • You had a dialled in system for growing your audience, impact and authority (without having to rely on paid advertising) and had people coming to you with invitations (rather than feeling like you always had to chase them, or wondering how to get into the cool crowd)
  • Having a steady stream of clients filling your calendar for 1:1 work or waitlist for your online course that left you feeling relieved, at ease and confident
  • Having free time in your calendar to go for a walk, take the day off or book a last minute trip without having to worry about how it will affect your income or audience.
  • That your strategy is simple yet strategic and you can [finally] stop clicking around the interwebs trying to find what works - because you know it, and you're executing it (and it works for your niche)

If that sounds divine, I'd love to invite you to join the waitlist for the Well Conceived Mastermind (THE mastermind for wellness women)

Have you ever felt like...
'surely it should be easier than this?

I'm here to tell you, it can be.

You're here to make a difference in this world, not spend all day trying to crack the code of where all of your clients are, how to get them begging to work with you, and how to piece together all of the bits and pieces a women's wellness business takes to get going.

My super power is in helping the helpers.

The big hearted women+ who walk alongside other women as they navigate the big moments in life (divorce, infertility, menopause, career)... who want the trifecta:

Saving your precious time and energy (so you can spend it having an actual life)

Growing your audience and impact to launch and grow passive income that helps you support your family and [finally] give up that job you're tired of

Making a difference to all the women+ out there who so desperately want to create change in their lives and need your support to help them get there.

It doesn't have to feel lonely, exhausting or hard.

Let me share my story...

In November 2018, I emailed my list and told them I quit. I was shutting up shop. In true dramatic, Capricorn style, I also posted just the words "I quit" on Instagram too.

It was too hard.

For the entire month of September, I spent every single weekend (and many weeknights) in hospital whilst my husband, Ross and 1 year old daughter, Olivia tag teamed in hospital. He nearly died.

All I could think was 'WTAF am I even doing?'

Running a wellness and fertility business was SO much more work than I anticipated.

Every week was a constant juggle of trying to get out a podcast or blog post or YouTube video with what felt like zero time to do it.

I felt like I had to be everywhere, and had to be doing everything... I was working like a hamster on a wheel with the limited time I had whilst I was juggling motherhood (a role I had so desperately wanted for so many years... I needed to appreciate it) and all the other hats... and yet, success just didn't happen as quickly as I had hoped either.

Cue massive burnout. So... I emailed everyone and announced that I would quit.

Annnd then I thought f*ck that

Well actually, it wasn't quite like that.

That's the funny thing about a calling: it just won't leave you alone. I bet you've felt it

I was out at dinner with a friend who was going through IVF.

She burst into tears in the middle of the restaurant as she shared her experience.

"That's not right," I demanded.

"It shouldn't be like this"

... and as I uttered those words I realised that my work wasn't done.

Nobody should have to experience what I had experienced, and I was one of the ones who could help change the story of others.

And let's be honest: I'm not like my 'non-entrepreneur' friends.

Even though I felt jaded.
Even though I felt burnt out.
Even though I wanted to quit (and not just this time - there have been MANY times)
... there was still a fire raging inside me.

... and there's nothing quite like the thrill of truly helping your clients and making true, meaningful change.

I didn't need to quit...

I just needed to take my cues from a different rule book.

Financially, my business was doing ok but.... It felt like I was going so slowly.

I'd been spending SO much wasted time trying to crack the code of other businesses

I took all the webinars.

I tried to sign up to their mailing lists and I desperately analysed their Instagram profiles to find out what THEY were doing that I wasn't.

I signed up for courses and left feeling more confused.

I worked with coaches who were great... but there was just something about the women's wellness that cut different... every time.

My business was NOT sustainable, and it's no surprise that when the wobbles hit at home... it was like a tornado ripped apart my business.

But, I didn't need to quit, I just needed a strategy and a formula, and a business that was life-proof.

I needed that wake-up call, because just a few years later, life looks oh so different

I created a strategy and business that allowed me to reach six figures, in just six hours per week

I put my 20+ years of marketing experience and two degrees to work, and flipped my business on it's head as I worked an average of 6 hours per week in my business. During that same time, I was able to:

  • Reach six+ figures in annual revenue (seriously - six figs in six hours per week) and have those magical, effortless 5 figure launches
  • Achieve a podcast that ranked amongst the top 35 in the US for Alternative Health (with 925k downloads and counting) and in the top 5% of podcasts globally
  • Grow my social media channels effortlessly (whilst never feeling stuck or like I'm spending all day on the platform)
  • Dive into Facebook Ads and achieve crazy good stats like a 4x return on investment and leads for 80c
  • Gain 4 figure brand collaborations 

But here's the most important part:

I'm happy to share with you that in 2021 my personal life was a shit show...

I lived what I preached - I took scary steps and leapt into life without fear to create a joyful life in the moment... but I can't pretend was able to give it 100%. 

I had two lockdowns with kids (one of which was MID launch - complete with children fighting and pulling at my sleeve for nearly the entire webinar), separated from my husband (and then got back together), moved house four times, nursed a family member with significant pneumonia, spent weeks away travelling and completely overhauled my entire product suite.

I had many weeks when I barely managed one post on Instagram (#truthtime I STILL do) - and my business has still so generously provided for me with an hourly wage that matches my corporate salary, in fact... in 2022 I gave myself another pay rise... the systems I've built allow me to take the precious time I've needed to do life.

And I know that's what you want too.

I'm guessing you're not here to be spraying money around on a private yacht with your own personal chef, sitting in a gold bikini with diamond encrusted sunglasses.

You just want to share your life-changing knowledge - whilst also being able to have the flexibility to enjoy your life (or even just navigate it), and an income that doesn't leave you in poverty....

You know... the type of flexibility that means... you're able to walk your children to school and back, never having to worry about saving your precious annual leave because you can take it anytime you choose... and leaving the 9-5 that has you exhausted, burnt out and completely uninspired with an income that matches or surpasses it.

You're ready for a life and a business on your terms.

P.S.... if you want diamond encrusted sunglasses - I'm here for that too!

Do tell me....

Does any of the following sound like you?

You're tired of business coaches giving you strategies that don't work for the wellness or fertility niche or that feel super icky and gross and out of alignment (like sliding into DMs and posting in other people's Facebook Groups)

Sick of re-living the same results, month after month and are ready for things to just grow. You're ready for consistent income that helps support you (as well as your expenses).

Tired of the no-strategy strategy ... you know... you're trying to follow all the strategies and do all the things (and spy on all your competitors)... that you've ended up basically doing none of the things and having no strategy, and just wasting your time watching other people

You're burnt out by all the places you're supposed to be and all the things you're supposed to do. You're ready for a strategy that gives you back your time and your freedom with consistent leads and consistent cash flow,

You're ready to stop questioning yourself and whether you're doing it right and take your business from 'meh, is this meant to be?' to 'holy shirtballs, I'm the real f*cking deal!' (and you're ready for your partner to feel that way too!)

If you answered yes to even just one of the questions below...
the Well Conceived Mastermind was created for you.


A uniquely run 6 month mastermind by Robyn Birkin for Women's Health Businesses that are ready to refine and grow their impact and income (without working crazy hours).

Our Mastermind is a powerful hybrid experience of live group coaching, 1:1 coaching and on-demand resources, designed to help businesses thrive in short pockets of time.

I've built this experience with YOU in mind.

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