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An intimate, 6-month high support program for established female service providers and course creators ready to amplify their audience and skyrocket revenue, while creating a life-first business model.

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Profitable. Peaceful. Part-Time.

Peace + Profit is all about helping you grow into the 'sweet six spot' in business:

$100,000 - $500,000k in annual revenue.

Forget scaling to the moon with low profit margins, big payroll responsibility and working eleventy billion hours per week when what you really want is a business that creates meaningful household financial contributions and profitability while you get to do things like go to the gym, attend all of your kids assemblies (without asking anyone for permission) and have a business with a light mental load (because you're already juggling 3847 things).

Truth is: you get to have a business that gets AMAZING results of multi-six figures in revenue, without being chained to your desk. Business your way. And I'll show you exactly how.

Peace and Profit is for the women who want a low stress, predictable, profitable and part-time business. Things like:

  • A small and streamlined product suite
  • High profit levels
  • Lean (or no) team
  • 20 hours or less work per week
  • Rinse and repeat promotions
  • Big predictability
  •  Peaceful audience growth (less circus monkey, more strategy)
  • A calm, regulated and 'nothing is an emergency' style of business

If you're ready to grow and scale a breadwinning business that gets results without the BS of endless scale, stressful responsibility and unhealthy hustle, I'd love to welcome you to do business a better way.

If you've got to four or five figures in revenue... and then got stuck, this is for you...

Here's how my clients take their businesses to six+ figures in revenue

(This is the secret strategy nobody talks about for growing your service-based business to six and multi-six figures in revenue in part-time hours)

Picture this: you've pushed past the mindset monkeys of showing up consistently, you've put offers out there and you've had sales in your business.

You've shown big grit.

You've had traction.

You've thrown spaghetti at the wall.

You're getting good results for your clients.

You've taken the courses and maybe even worked with coaches.

But now, you're stuck and you just can't push past the revenue roadblocks.

Friend, you've done all the right things and should be *so* proud of your results so far, and actually... you're super normal.

Most business owners inevitably get stuck after that initial momentum in business.

Because reaching six and multiple six figures in revenue is no longer about jumping on trends and hacks, putting out new offers, "going low ticket", joining another course or signing up to work with a coach who only delivers fluff.

The secret to reaching the sweet six revenue spot is easier than any of that: it's doubling down on your signature strategy and funnel.

And it's not optional.

It's essential for the long term growth of your business (and for building a business that deeply supports the life you want to live).

Reaching sweet six revenue spot in part-time hours...

Is less...

And more...

How to get more likes on Instagram and go viral

Doubling down on the conversion rate of your lead magnet so you double your sales with the traffic you already have

Trending audios and 12-step Instagram story tutorials

Knowing how to reverse engineer (and reach) your launch and revenue targets.

"All vibes, no strategy", 'latest trend' and one-size-fits-all approach

Creating a proper annual and 90 day business strategy that is rooted in a solid business plan with benchmarks so you have big clarity

Relying solely on Google and word of mouth clients

Ensuring you have a multi-faceted (and reverse engineered) plan for consistent audience growth and clients on tap.

Copying what the 'big names' do in their marketing and promotions

Directly knowing what's working in the market right now for businesses just like yours and staying steady through market shifts and changes

Your part-time profit strategy is the gateway to things like:

  • Putting the kids through private school *and* being able to be there for every school pickup
  • Having the ability to pause the business every school holidays and take off for phone-free adventures (without stressing)
  • Becoming a significant contributor to household income so you can renovate your house, get a gym membership and build your investment portfolio
  • Switching off the laptop at night and weekends so you can be with your most precious people
  • Stepping off the hustle bus of business and stepping into peace, profit and predictability

It's time to step into your work smarter era

Which first? Grow your audience or build your signature program?
Truths about juggling entrepreneurship and motherhood

You've got the business bones... now let's amplify it with peace and profit levers. I support you with a 'choose your own adventure' bespoke strategy (tailored to what works for you)...

  • Leverage and radically amplify your existing organic content to fuel a never-ending source of leads using a strategic omnipresence funnel. Leads. On. Repeat.
  • Take your existing funnels - and optimise them to increase customer lifetime value - with circle back sales, hybrid sales funnels (mix of live launching and evergreen), feeder funnels and tripwire sales. Think: longer lifespace for your clients, more monthly recurring revenue for you.
  • Build out a strategic ascension ladder and offer suite in your business with powerful offers that seamlessly lead into one another (rather than cannibalise one another). Less offers. Better results.
  • Amplify your launches and promotions for more leads, higher conversion rates and radically reducing your refund rates. Overall, way more streamlined launches that actually leave you enjoying the process.
  • Explode your organic reach with sophisticated strategies that not only help you grow more and step into the space as a leading authority in your niche. Time for you to stand out and be seen.
  • Stack your monthly revenue and starting each month with a baseline that feels safe and secure, while also knowing that you have a pipeline that is generating more. Consistent cash on repeat.
  • Low stress school holidays, Friday's off and a business that truly supports your life - knowing that you can reach your revenue goals and take time off at the same time. Because you started your business for this exact reason, and you truly get to have both.

If you want to build your business to the sweet six in 20 hours or less each month, you need to optimise for both peace and profit. Here's the three things you need to focus on to make it a reality:

The Peace and Profit System

Online Courses: why is nobody talking about these things?

Create an audience growth formula that allows you to build sky high consistent (and predictable) reach and high quality leads for your business (without constantly hustling constantly on social media like a circus monkey) and instead leverage a combination of smart audience growth tactics (that convert).

Auto DM's on Instagram - here's what you need to know

Use our Offer System to create a Hero Signature Program that elevates your authority and conversions and then pull peace and profit levers to strategically amplify your leads and your revenue. Better launches, predictable revenue and the safety and security of knowing exactly how to reach your big revenue goals.

Navigating motherhood and business with Simone Denny.

Become your most unstoppable and unflappable self with data driven decisions, big resilience and CEO energy and travel toward the business, goals and life you truly want.

And when you do that? You get to create a multi-six figure business that services you and your family MINUS the hustle and burnout.

Welcome to your new home for business growth and support

An intimate, 6-month high support program for female service providers and course creators who who are ready to scale to six and multi-six figures with more peace, more profit and a powerful network of other women in business.

What Others Say


Before I started coaching with Robyn, it felt like all I was doing was selling to my audience. It didn't feel comfortable and I wanted to find a way to communicate my programs without it diluting my message. I had tried Facebook advertising prior to our coaching but it hadn't worked, but together created sales funnels around all of my programs, including a strategy for Facebook advertising that works and as a result, my coaching program has doubled and my email list tripled!

Every single part of my business has benefitted. If I had to be specific it would be my mailing list and my presence on social media. Because I no longer have to sell as much, I am able to serve them better.

It has been a breath of fresh air working with someone who knows the infertility community AND marketing better than anyone else. Robyn was responsive, a wealth of knowledge and completely honest, which I respected.


I would absolutely recommend Robyn

I was looking for a coach for AGES, and I was just looking for the right one. The fact you ran a successful fertility business was appealing.

I was just struggling with knowing where to put my efforts. And quite frankly, not knowing enough about Instagram and how to build there, what would make a great opt-in and also actually how to advertise online (and was pleasantly surprised by how cheaply I could get leads to grow my list!)

I've significantly increased my email list, my Instagram has improved and my podcast is getting WAY more downloads. I have a much bigger audience, systems in place for more consistent calls AND launching my program in an effortless way.

I would absolutely recommend Robyn - she knows her stuff!


can't speak enough of how much a badass coach... this woman is

With Robyn's guidance I have a clear path to forge ahead, I have dialled into my niche and am able to navigate social media in a more savvy way and can't wait to soak up more information. 

Highly recommended and can't speak enough of how much a badass coach and beautiful and highly knowledgeable person this woman is!


this has been the best investment I've made in my business

Joining the Mastermind has been the best investment I've made in my business! This past year, I have not only learned how to build a thriving fertility coaching business but have created friendships and allies who have lifted me up and supported me. This group has given me the encouragement to be brave, take risks, step out of my comfort zone, and I would not be where I'm at today without it.


Peace + Profit is unlike any of the other coaching or courses you've been part of before.

It’s an incomparable blend of accountability, coaching, implementation and personalised feedback to help you actually get the results you’re craving in 2024, together with the most supportive community of fellow women in business.

At last, a program that goes deep with you and your business.

That gives you meaningful and personalised feedback, every step of the way to create the breadwinning, life-first business you've been dreaming of.

That is rooted in strategy, reverse engineering your results and helping you create a full-picture view of your funnel and business.

That is intimate and small and deeply supportive with everything you need to scale from $5k to $30k months (and no fluff).

And... is specifically designed for women creating part-time empires.

Where you receive direct support and feedback from the founder.

It's your time to scale to your sweet six.

Peace and Profit is not stuffed with a million useless calls (that you then feel guilty for not attending, or guilty for attending because it takes away from family time).

It's built around giving you wrap-around support and truly impactful guidance so you can get the best results while protecting your most precious asset: your valuable time.

In fact - one of the things our members love *most* about Peace and Profit is the way we deliver such big and personalised support, without wasting your time.

Here's how:

Our Potent Coaching Flow

Week 1: The Engine Room

Each month I dive into the latest industry insights, trends, mindset, strategy notes and reflections that I believe will support you in your business - packaged with learnings from the Engine Room of our business.

We then deliver a monthly magazine choc full of step-by-step actionable tactics and what's working now to help you keep your finger on the pulse and provide you with a what's working now framework.

Week 2: The Training + Strategy

Each month I'll deliver a strategy or training session to help you leverage peace + profit levers in your business, together with any relevant templates and cheat sheets you need, to execute powerfully and elegantly. Here's our 2024 calendar:

  • December - Q1 Planning
  • January - Tripwire Tactics
  • February - DM Funnel Fuel on the Gram
  • March - Q2 Planning
  • April - Launching, Sales and What's Working in 2024
  • May - Bumps, Upsells + Downsells
  • June - Q3 Planning
  • July - Circle Back Sales
  • August - Selling in the DM’s
  • September - Q4 Planning
  • October - Omnipresence Ads
  • November - Sophisticated Summits

Week 3: Hot Seat Calls

Connect with the group and receive personalised and powerful coaching from Robyn in groups of less than 10 (so you can receive meaningful coaching and time) to help you continue to move forward - on topics including advertising, launching, team and staff, customer experience, mindset, organic marketing, offer strategy and so much more. You'll also get to connect with your fellow Mastermind Crew and learn from their experiences, their coaching and their strategies.

Week 4 is then our Reset, Rest and Implement Week - dedicated for deep action, diving into our trainings, planning and rest.

A full breakdown of the on-demand, intimate and personalised support you receive when you join Peace and Profit:

Daily On-Demand Coaching with Robyn

Receive daily coaching in our Mastermind Slack Channel where you have the chance to ask a question a day (if you need) to help you move forward and kick goals. This is coaching - on tap. 

30 Day Fast Start

Kick goals from the moment you begin in the Mastermind with a bespoke audit and action plan to help you hit the ground running and kicking goals

Bespoke Work Audits

Get my personal feedback on your work and optimise conversions with personal work audits. Every second week  you'll have the opportunity to have one piece of content audited personally by me. Need some eyes on a sales page? Feel like your Instagram or Podcast isn't hitting the mark? Not sure of your lead magnet nurture sequence? Submit it and receive my personal feedback.

Next-level Courses + Curriculum

Receive access to a powerful library of online courses, workshops and templates (with strategies that work for health and wellness) to help you grow and scale your audience, authority and revenue. Hours of specific content and strategies live here, with cheat sheets, templates, regular pop-up trainings and workshops added into the library.

These courses and trainings are not presently available for purchase elsewhere.

Personalised Strategy Reviews

Each quarter you'll have the opportunity to complete a 90 strategy template for personal review by Robyn - this is where you'll start getting strategic with your marketing, sales and systems pipelines to create a streamlined and sophisticated business and then - put it to a second pair of eyes to ensure its' watertight.

Hot Seat Calls

Each month you'll join a small and intimate group of fellow business owners to receive personalised , meaningful and live coaching from Robyn and your colleagues, relevant to where you are right now in business.

Peace + Profit Insights

Each month you'll join our Engine Room Call and receive BTS wisdom and insights into industry trends, what's working now and lessons from Robyn's business (and network).

You'll also receive a monthly magazine with detailed social media steps, how-to articles and more.

Monthly Trainings

Each month you'll receive a training session from Robyn to help you grow and scale your business (and receive access to our growing library) of past trainings, templates and resources.

Strategy Templates

Step into your CEO Era with templates and resources to help you strategically plan and manage your business like a CEO.

Powerful Connections + Community

Imagine not just gaining the wisdom and insight from your own questions, but discovering answers to the questions you hadn't even thought of before. That means, if you're in a room with 6 other women - you get 6 times the value. This is how powerful our coaching container is, and you'll also build a powerful network of friends and cheerleaders. This is the power of a Mastermind over any other type of coaching, and fast tracks your results.

White Label Resource Library

Business in a Box is our huge library of ready made, done for you e-books, workshops, cheat sheets and so much more  - that you can rebrand and use as your own, to sell as your own digital products, to use as lead magnets or to add as bonuses within your own signature programs. 

Apply to join Peace + Profit

Peace + Profit is for you if...

You're at four or five figures in revenue and ready to grow to the sweet six mark

You have a service-based online business - either as a consultant, coach or practitioner - that is 1:1 or 1:many based (i.e. not ecomm, MLM or 'influencer' based)

You operate from a place of action, collaboration over competition, high ethics and deep service to your audience.

You're ready to stack your income, scale your revenue step into the next version of your business - without over-complicating everything or burning out in the process.

You want true friendships and connections - who you can count on for support, brainstorming and more... and you're willing to reciprocate

I'm so ready for this kind of support

Hi, I'm Robyn

I help female service providers create and grow multi-six figure businesses that give them Marie-Kondo level joy and spaciousness. I help facilitate businesses that allows women to be with their people, prioritise self-care and live their life, while also providing 'better than corporate' wages.

With two degrees in Marketing and Communications, coupled with a 20+ year career in Advertising and Promotions, I took what I knew and created a business that grew to more than 1 million podcast downloads (and sits in the top 5% globally), a monthly Instagram reach of 250,000 and a business that reached more than six figures in revenue, in less than six hours per week.

That revenue largely came from a sophisticated signature program, amplified with peace and profit levers that fuelled a consistent stream of new leads, conversions and results... on autopilot.

I've create a business that serves my life at the deepest level, and Peace + Profit is here to help you do the same.

What makes Peace + Profit different to other program on the market?

Other Masterminds

  • Include all kinds of businesses from real estate agents to campground owners so you have to filter all of the advice
  • Palm you off to support coaches and don't include any meaningful time with the actual person you signed up with in the first place
  • Are rigid in its approach and doesn't allow you to run your business in a way that lights you up
  • Makes you die inside as you approach your friends and family (and everyone in between) and direct message cold strangers to 'drum up' business
  • Are taught by business coaches who have only ever marketed to other businesses
  • Filled with coaches and communities who don't understand the lingo (and unique challenges of your clients - especially in health and wellness... e.g. fertility warriors who are navigating very private health journeys) so you find yourself constantly explaining terms like TWW, HPA Axis and adrenal fatigue everytime you get into a coaching session

Peace + Profit

  • Is *just* for women running service-based businesses in part-time hours (meaning... all the advice is relevant and targeted and helpful (as are the connections)
  • Is run by Robyn herself who runs every. single. call and personally audits every submitted piece of work
  • Includes suggested tech, marketing channels and launch strategies but can be applied flexibly to suit your business
  • Teaches you long term and sustainable growth strategies that attract your ideal clients and generate consistent leads
  • Taught by a double-degree qualified, 20+ years' experience Marketing Manager who built her very own Health and Wellness business to 1 million podcast downloads, six figures in 6 hours per week


Robyn Birkin is such a magnificent light for the fertility community. I have been connecting with Robyn for a few years now and we have worked together multiple times and I am so entirely grateful.

 If you have the opportunity to work with Robyn I would RUN to it! Such a great opportunity! 


I really appreciate how much you care about each of our businesses and for us as human beings

Thanks so much for this mastermind Robyn! I really appreciate how much you care about each of our businesses and for us as human beings who want to make a difference. Your advice on how to make my copy more engaging was especially helpful!


Apply for Peace + Profit

Step into your revenue sweet spot and enter a space for women based on true strategy for building a profitable, life-first business.

Frequently asked questions

What's the investment?

The investment begins at $997 USD per month x 6 months.

There is also a discount for paying in full, and an option to upgrade to our Elevate Package which includes 1:1 coaching support.

(This makes the investment roughly the same as an additional 6 x course sales, or 4 x 1:1 clients if you were to be considering the potential ROI and setting goals for what you'd hope to achieve in your time with us).

I think I need to be a bit further along, and then I'll join

Oh I've been there and the truth is that now might genuinely *not* be the right time for you to join, but also for many people - the time to join is right now and it's time to stop waiting for better results before you get help to get better results. The best way to know whether now is the right time is to apply - and I'll straight up let you know my (brutally honest) thoughts, but here's how you might know:

Now isn't the right time to join if:

  • You're just getting started in your business (feel free to reach out to me on IG and I can give you some other ideas)
  • You'd be choosing between putting food on the table and joining this program (I fully respect that sometimes investing in your business means reinvesting revenue and making stretchy moves) but it should not mean being unable to pay your rent or feed your family. Again, feel free to reach out on IG and I'll see how I can help
  • You don't have any capacity to work (simply investing in a container doesn't guarantee results - I'll support you every step of the way, but you have to put in the action to get the results)

Conversely, now is the time to join if:

  • You don't want to wait another 6 or 12 months to get to the next revenue level
  • You know that you need *something* (psstt.. it's probably high touch strategy) to reach the revenue you want
  • You know that in order to get further along, you actually need support
  • You're ready for the next step
  • You're done being a committee of one and actually want some bespoke guidance

What if I can't make the live calls?

Our members come from across the globe so we've intentionally created this program with a global community (and busy people) in mind. Once you apply and we know your details - we can chat further about which specific times will work for you.

Why is this mastermind only for female service providers?

They say variety is the spice of life, and I believe that, but *not* when it comes to learning from others. As a life coach myself, I’ve been in masterminds with a variety of businesses. From campground operators to E-Commerce providers, and what I realised was, when it came time for their coaching, the advice given wasn’t relevant to me. I couldn’t learn by listening. I couldn’t invite them to my podcast as guests. There was no point following them on Instagram. That’s this mastermind is *just* for female service providers growing their businesses in part-time hours.

That makes... all of the connections... relevant. All of the trainings... relevant. It basically 10x's the value of the coaching, connections and course curriculum.

You know the saying, "if you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go together." It’s only true if you’re doing it with the right people.

P.S. I do just want to clarify - I've used female as a way to add specificity to who will get best results in this container - if you don't identify as she/her, but Peace + Profit otherwise sounds like a perfect fit - please reach out on Instagram and we can chat further as you may still be eligible (and have a really great experience with us).

Are you the right mentor for me?

Often the only way to know is to apply and jump on a call or reach out to me on Instagram but if you're an action taker, operate with big ethics and a big heart, and are less about 'popping champagne on private jet with a money gun' and more 'funds to put the kids through private school while being there for every pick up,' chances are you're my kinda lady and I'd LOVE to support you.

Here's a quick rundown on my background:

I graduated with two degrees (with Distinction) in Marketing and Communications (BA/BComm) and am a Certified Holistic Life Coach and Mind Body Practitioner. I was head hunted straight out of university and have been the youngest Marketing Manager at the three last companies I've worked at, including as the National Advertising and Promotions Manager for a large ASX listed company where I held a staff of 20, a $13 million advertising budget and held $100k sales charity days.

I then took everything I knew and grew a multi-six figure business between naptimes, 9 - 5s and school runs, with an award-winning top 1% of podcasts globally, an Instagram reach of 250,000 and clients who've created six figure coaching businesses, tripled their businesses, had Instagram Reels that reach 1 million downloads, and 80c Facebook Ads that have run on auto-pilot for more than a year (the true sign of ad success).

I swear like a pirate. I also like 80s and 90s Hip Hop and drop Aussie lingo. I believe Black Lives Matter, that all human beings deserve respect and kindness regardless of gender identification, body size, race or religion... and that climate change is real.  

I also don't spam people with cold DM's in their inbox, believe in poaching people from Facebook Groups, participate in shady marketing tactics or call anyone 'babe', 'love' or 'sweetie'.

If you think that I might be your vibe - I recommend you apply and we can jump on a call or chat on Instagram so you can really see. I'd LOVE to get to know you and see if we're a right fit.

How many are in the group?

I pride myself on not handballing you onto 'support coaches' and making myself personally available for your success, so this is not a big program where you'll get lost in the crowd.

It's very intimate and allows for connection, feedback and support, and hence, numbers are capped. There is a maximum of 8 people on each hot seat call, and a maximum number of 24 places within Peace + Profit.

I really want to join, but not now. Can you reserve a place for me or can I apply later?

The number of places we have is capped at 24, and approximately 50% of our members renew with us so unfortunately I cannot hold places.

Does this include all of your courses (such as Launch Easy Life)?

We provide a detailed online curriculum and I'd be so happy to take you behind the scenes and give you an open house tour of all of the programs and trainings when you apply but in short - no, it doesn't include all of our programs, and as a default, it doesn't include Launch Easy Life/Signature Success.

I already have a signature program/1:1 coaching practice. Will this help me?

  • Is it working as you'd like it to?
  • Are your results in line with what you need?
  • Are you feeling burnt out, overwhelmed or exhausted?
  • Do you feel like you have everything you need to get to the next level?
  • Do you have a rock solid community to hold space for your next evolution?

Answer those, and they may give you your answer.

I'm already in a program/working with a coach?

Cool! Are you walking away with an annual and 90 day strategy?

Are they providing feedback on your growth strategy, your landing pages, your emails and your launch plans?

Do they offer on-demand coaching?

If not, you may still wish to join us, rather than wait to get access to those things.

Do you give refunds? Is there a guarantee?

Please consider me a partner in your business. You have my guarantee that I’ll show up for you, guide you and, without gatekeeping share everything I know – but, the success (or lack thereof) is dependent on many other factors, including the action you do (or don't) take.

You’re responsible for showing up for yourself and for your audience, for keeping us in the loop with your business and readily asking for help when you need it. You’re responsible for how fast (or slowly – and hey! You get to go at the pace that works for you) you build, test, tweak and refine what you put out to the world and how much you take on board (or don’t! Again,  your business, your rules).

You’re responsible for your success, and when you own that – you become unstoppable.

Once you have joined Peace + Profit, please be aware that we lovingly have a no refund policy. There are only a limited number of spaces available in the mastermind (meaning that someone else may have missed out) and we'll be holding space for you. Please also note that we operate with ethics, value and community at the forefront - if that's not your vibe, please don't join.

Please note: applying for Peace + Profit does not mean you're automatically guaranteed a place. You'll apply, and then you'll get to meet with me (or chat via Instagram) before you're offered a place - so you are totally welcome to apply - chat with me and get a vibe and then decide whether you believe this is the right program for you.

Please also feel free to check our testimonials.

I'm on the fence. I have more questions!

Feel free to reach out to me @robynbirkin on Instagram and we can chat further to answer any q's you might have.


You want to join, but you're nervous

Oh I get this at the deepest level. I've had big butterflies in my tummy every time I've invested big in myself, not just because I'm worried because the amount might feel stretchy, but because I'm committing myself to action, to change and to stop running my business with one foot in and one foot out.

But I know how deeply I am committed to running my business, to growing and backing my own success. I know that I've done my due diligence and am an action taker. I know that I show up (even when things are messy and uncomfortable) - and that every investment I've ever made in my business, has paid dividends. Lastly, I know the power of connections, collaborations and true friendships in business.

I'd love to invite you to trust and back yourself in the same way because I know my business wouldn't be the same today without it. It's your time. Right now. You've got this and I've got you.

It's your time.
I can't wait to support you.