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Part-Time Playbook

3 secrets to creating a profitable online business (in part-time hours) with repeatable and predictable revenue

(even if you're just getting started, feel burnt out by algorithms and clients and are allergic to complicated business strategies)

FREE live TRAINING - 2 times

Two times to choose from + replay available after the event

exclusive live TRAINING

You'll learn...

  • The quickest and most low stress way to add more revenue to your business
  • The 3 types of revenue you need in your business to reach six (and seven) figures as a coach, consultant or service provider.
  • What your school, university or coaching academy never told you about how to create a thriving business
  • How to build out an offer suite for success from the get-go (and why some business models will send you broke) 
  • Understand the # 1 thing that will create predictability and safety in your business

Whether you're an established service provider or just getting started (with zero or a small following), this training is going to be a game-changer

Inside I'm going to share with you the exact strategy I used to create a six figure life coaching business from scratch in just six hours per week.

If you're building your business around naptimes, a 9 - 5 or even *just* want to have time to breathe and actually have a life - this is for you.

If you're feeling like business is an endless (and exhausting to-do list - a bit like feeding a monster that is never full) - and you're ready to cut out the noise and step into a strategy that is not only smart, but centered around doing less, better, then don't miss this exclusive free training!

Together we'll craft a life-first and highly profitable business.

Meet your host, Robyn Birkin

I'm the go-to consultant for women who believe it's possible to earn more, while doing less.

My superpower? Helping women in business create, launch and grow strategic and sophisticated funnels and digital programs that allow them to reclaim their time and step away from the 1:1 income ceiling and burnout. 

1 million+
podcast downloads

students + growing

6 figures
in six hours per week

25+ years
experience + qualifications

If you answer yes to any of these, you're going to love this Masterclass

  • You can feel it in your bones that 2024 is going to be incredible and you've got big goals - now it's time to break down exactly how you'll get there (without burnout)
  • You're ready for consistent, repeatable and predictable income this year.
  • You've hit the income ceiling of 1:1 work and know it's time to leverage smarter systems and strategies to grow your revenue (and your free time)
  • You were ready and raring to go.... but now that the New Year has passed, you're just feeling like a deer in headlights and actually quite overwhelmed at the goals you've set (and how you intend to get there). It's time for a game plan!

Frequently Asked Questions...

Will there be a replay if I can't make it live?

Yep you will! We'll release a limited time replay following the class - but we've added two times to make it time-zone friendly and live attendees will receive an ask anything Q+A at the end.

will i be able to ask questions?

Yes! At the end of the class - we'll open the floor for an ask anything Q+A session.

Part-Time Playbook