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Six Figure
Revenue Roadblocks

5 little known mistakes health and wellness service providers make in their online business (and what to do instead), so you can scale to six and multi-six figures in 2024 (with ease and sustainability).

You have everything it takes for an incredible year in your business - Let me help you zoom ahead and put together a plan for this year that is optimised for both peace and profit.


9 FEBRUARY  |  9.00AM (Perth AWST)
8 FEBRUARY  |   8.00PM (New York EST)

exclusive live TRAINING

You'll learn...

  • The quickest and most low stress ways to add more revenue to your business (without adding any major launches or products)
  • The two BIG needle-movers in your business that you may have been neglecting (but that could provide big results in your business)
  • How your offer suite may be sabotaging your success (and how to course correct for more authority, sales and success)
  • What to do if you're ready for more success in your business - but don't have anymore time to see clients
  • A full breakdown of how you could add another $100,000 per year in revenue to your business (without working full-time)

This one goes out to all the health and wellness practitioners who have had success in their business - and are ready for more in 2024...

Have you woken up this year and feel that the energy is different. 

You're ready to get out of your own way and forge ahead to reach your big goals for 2024 (without working until midnight every night). Do you see the potential for what's possible (not just for your business, but the life it will help  you create) and want someone to help you break down exactly how to get to your goals, what it's going to take and help you remove the roadblocks you can't see for yourself, to help you get there?

If you answered ummm... yes PLEASE! then you're going to want to join me for this one hour exclusive free training.

Together we'll craft a sales and promotion strategy that is optimised for both peace and profit.


Join me live for this experience and I'll give you a copy of my sales and promotions planner to help you map out exactly how you'll hit your revenue goals this year (usually only reserved for Mastermind participants).

This is only available when you show up life to this Masterclass so hurry up and register now.

(valued at $497)

Meet your host, Robyn Birkin

I'm the go-to consultant for women who believe it's possible to earn more, while doing less.

My superpower? Helping health and wellness practitioners create, launch and grow strategic and sophisticated funnels and digital programs that allow them to reclaim their time and step away from the 1:1 income ceiling and burnout. 

1 million+
podcast downloads

students + growing

6 figures
in six hours per week

25+ years
experience + qualifications

If you answer yes to one of these, you're going to love this Masterclass

  • You can feel it in your bones that 2024 is going to be incredible and you've got big goals - now it's time to break down exactly how you'll get there (without burnout)
  • You've hit a revenue plateau (or dip) and you're ready to course-correct and then zoom forward 
  • You've hit the income ceiling of 1:1 work and know it's time to leverage smarter systems and strategies to grow your revenue (and your free time)
  • You were ready and raring to go.... but now that January has passed, you're just feeling like a deer in headlights and actually quite overwhelmed at the goals you've set (and how you intend to get there). It's time for a game plan!

Frequently Asked Questions...

Will there be a replay if I can't make it live?

Yep you will! We'll release a limited time replay following the class - there will be a downside though which is that you'll miss out on my sales planner which we've never released to the public before (it's usually reserved for Mastermind participants) only.

will i be able to ask questions?

Yes! At the end of the class - we'll open the floor for an ask anything Q+A session.

i'm just starting out - is this for me?

You're absolutely most welcome to attend! But... this training is going to be most helpful for people who have established businesses and programs/offers (whether you're at average $2k per month or $30k per month). If you're more at a beginner stage though - feel free to reach out on the DM's and we can recommend other resources to support you.

I really love 1:1 coaching... are you going to tell me I need a course?

I'll be diving into the framework I typically work with people on - but in short, no. That said - you may discover that your current business model needs some finessing once you've watched the training.

Six Figure
Revenue Roadblocks

9 FEBRUARY  |  9.00AM (Perth AWST)
8 FEBRUARY  |   8.00PM (New York EST)