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signature course success plan

The step-by-step roadmap to creating and launching your own low stress signature program so you can radically simplify your business, whilst also supercharging it in 2024 

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8 NOVEMBER  |  9.00AM (Perth AWST)
7 NOVEMBER   |   8.00PM (New York EST)

This one goes out to all the health and wellness practitioners who have 'create online course' on their to-do list for 2023...

it's not too late!

Have you ever woken up and felt snowed under by the endless to-do list of growing and running your business?

Like... could you just pause time for a second, or temporarily take a break from all your clients and delivery (but still get paid) so that you could actually get a minute to do the other 3654 things on your business to-do list?

... and you might be dreaming of creating a signature online course... but that dream has been sitting on the to-do list for far too long.

It's time to [finally] get that signature online course off the ground and going by the end of the year and I'm here to help you do it by the end of the year! You in?

Imagine getting to the end of the year and having your first course launch under your belt (without the stress) and having crystal clarity on your signature program so that you can forge ahead and focus on executing, ready for a laid back year ahead.

exclusive live training

You'll learn...

  • The quickest and most low stress way to get your signature program [finally] out into the world (and get paid to do it too!)
  • How to save 10 - 15 hours per week in your online business (without needing to 'hire a VA' or another team member
  • The biggest mistakes health and wellness practitioners make in their online business (that keeps them burnt out and not only stunts their growth but their revenue as well)
  • Why 'going evergreen' or 'high ticket' isn't the answer for business to consumer businesses
  • The 4 steps to creating a simple yet strategic and sophisticated signature that is not only exceptional in delivery, but wildly successful too.
  • How to live launch, the Launch Easy Way - for a business that feels regulated, organised and predictable.


Join me live for this experience and I'll give you a detailed 2024 plan to help you strategise your simple yet sophisticated online course and online business through each month in 2024 (usually only reserved for Mastermind Participants)

(valued at $497)

G'Day, I'm Robyn

I'm the go-to consultant for women in health and wellness who believe it's possible to earn more, while doing less.

I'm the host of the Top 5%, award-winning podcast, The Fertility Warriors (more than 1 million downloads) and the founder of The Reset, an online program for Type A women navigating the rocky roads of trying to conceive. I'm also double-degree qualified in marketing and communications and have more than 20+ years' experience as a Marketing Manager, from running $100k events to managing a team of 10 and an advertising budget of more than $13 million, as the youngest marketing manager in my last 3 corporate roles.

What first began as a foray into website creation and a calling to support women through infertility and trying to conceive, became a dive head first into training as both a certified life coach and mind-body practitioner and a business that generated a six figure revenue in less than six hours per week me to spend time with the two children we worked so tirelessly for and quit corporate life for one of freedom, less stress and more joy. I want that for you too...


If you answer yes to one of these, you're going to love this Masterclass

  • You have ‘create online course’ on your dream list (and by the end of this year would be amazing!)
  • You want clarity on your audience and what they really want from you (whether you deliver that as a 1:1 service or a fully automated online course)
  • You want to create an asset in your business that leverages your time
  • You feel overwhelmed at where to start with creating a stellar signature program and want to work through the steps so you have ultra-clarity
  • You have an online course-based program, but you want it to become 'economy-proof'

Frequently Asked Questions...

What time/timezone is this in?

It's at 9.00am AWST (Perth time), which means it will be the night before in the US/Canada.

Will there be a replay?

Yes, although if you can swing it, know that I have a gift for you (as a token of my appreciation).

I’m not sure I want to give up 1:1 coaching though… will this help?

Yes! This is also going to give you incredible clarity on where you might be getting stuck in your business and just to be clear - I talk about a signature program - which is online-course based, but doesn't have to exclude all 1:1 coaching.

I’ve tried creating an online course before but I just feel so overwhelmed!

Now is your time! And I’m here to help you every step of the way and help you [finally] get started. One of the reasons you may be feeling overwhelmed is because you don’t have clarity on the beginning steps and messaging - this is going to help you get crystal clear on what steps are involved, where you’re headed, and the information in this is going to be pure gold for all for the clarity on next steps.

I don’t have a large audience (or any audience!) should I focus on that first?

One thing not many people talk about is that launches grow audiences, and programs and products are what we should be building our social media content around - so if you’ve been spinning your wheels on social media and not getting anywhere, one of the reasons for that might be because you haven’t had clarity on your Cloud 9 Client and how you specifically help them - enter Day 1 of this challenge, when it’s all going to come together for you.

Also, social media and marketing are an ongoing task in your business so that task will never end, whereas creating your program is an asset with leveraged work (i.e. largely once and done). The sooner you create your framework and program, the sooner you can automate so many areas of your business, and then really dive into audience growth.

I already have a program… but it’s just not doing well

You’ll LOVE this. If you have a program or product that isn’t doing the best, chances are it could be a problem right at the start: the messaging or the transformation. Before we throw the baby out with the bathwater, we need to temperature check these two areas - and the great news is - it might just be a few sales page and social tweaks and you’ll be off to the races!

Signature Program Success Plan