The hard truth about why you’re not growing or getting clients…

Apologies in advance for the hard truths coming your way but…

Everyone is so keen to skip to the ‘make money part’ that they forget how can anyone work with you if they don’t even know you exist.

And one of the most common things I come across is fertility and women’s health practitioners who are feeling not only exhausted but desperate to get clients and wondering where everyone is hiding but…

I’ve found it generally comes down to four things.


If you’re trying to get visible and it’s not working, it’s likely because:

  1. You’re not putting yourself out there enough
  2. You’re not consistent (or haven’t been trying long enough)
  3. Your content isn’t hitting the mark with your ideal audience 
  4. You’re focusing on trends and not data


And if you drill down… that’s likely because… 

  1. You’re not clear enough on exactly who you’re serving and what you provide
  2. You’re aiming for perfection
  3. Your time management or productivity needs some help
  4. You’re vanilla and posting the same stuff as everyone else 
  5. You’re unsure of your focus and strategy in your business


Things it’s not…

  • Hashtags or ‘hacks’ 
  • The algorithm 
  • You being unlikeable or unworthy 
  • Fancy photo shoots, websites or business cards A ‘broken’ niche


When you first start your business, you can absolutely start making offers right away, but your primary focus *needs* to be showing up… as a leader and giving people a reason to pay attention to you. 

Showing up consistently when you’re growing a business in the early days means 

  • having posts that suck.
  • having posts that don’t go anywhere.
  • just like going to the gym and trying to lose weight, that you probably won’t see initial results, but that if you don’t keep going…. You won’t get the future rewards either.

When you went to university to study to become a Dietician or a Nutritionist, there was a learning curve and a period of about 3 years during which you committed to learning.

Online business and marketing are the same (albeit likely something you didn’t sign up for but have to do anyway if you decide to have your own business). It’s so incredibly rare for someone to start their business tomorrow and instantly secure a full calendar.

It takes time.

It takes learning (sometimes on your own, sometimes with others).

It takes showing up.

It takes experimenting.

But if you’re not growing or getting clients, it’s time to go back to the reasons above and start getting back in the ring.




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