Likes to Lead - Build a 24:7 leads machine that not only boosts your engagement and grows your followers but converts your audience into launch-ready leads

Get our Likes to Leads Toolkit so you can build a launch-ready list that takes your audience from social media to sales.

Newsflash: Your clients and cash aren't in your social media. They're in your email list. So everyday that you're putting off growing your email list 'for another day' - someone else is out there growing theirs, and earning more clients as a result.

And if you don't believe me - just look at the stats:

Out of all marketing channels, email marketing is the medium that delivers the highest return on investment. businesses earn $42 back for every dollar they spend ~Forbes

99% of people check their emails every day (and some people check their emails 20x daily) ~OptinMonster

And here's the secret: DM automations (like Manychat) are a way to not only convert more people into your email list, but also boost your engagement and followers at the same time.

It's like a secret weapon for both growth and sales.

Want to steal the exact formula that has resulted in stats like 1,500 leads in just 3 weeks?

Swipe our exact Manychat Setup and Scripts and the secrets to high converting lead magnets, thank pages and Instagram Stories so you can explode your email list to explode your sales.


Normally $297 USD

Sale Price: $67 USD

Let me tell you about the power of email lists...

On my very first ever launch - I put out one single email, and landed 50 discovery calls. Just. Like. That.

Six months ago - I had one of my most easy breezy launches and gained 1,500 subscribers in just 3 weeks with minimal effort.

How? Because as a Marketer of 20+ years' I knew the power of building an email list and nurturing it.

Which made creating sustainable and recurring revenue faster and easier.

Do any of these sound like you?

The "Grow Getter"

You know the power of growing an email list (and that it's literally the No 1 secret of the big industry names) and you want to keep on top of what's working now so you can continue to grow. Like... you're ready to get on the Manychat Bandwagon like... yesterday.

The "Launch-Ready Leader"

You've decided that *this* is the year you'll launch your online course (or... your results plateaued a little last year) and you're ready to turn up the volume on email subscribers so you can leverage your list for consistent and repeatable sales.

The "Time Saver"

You don't have time for long-winded courses and videos - you're busy!  You're here for templates and swipes that will help you implement in the shortest period of time. 

Give you the playbook and you'll go full-steam ahead.

Likes to Lead - Build a 24:7 leads machine that not only boosts your engagement and grows your followers but converts your audience into launch-ready leads

If so, you're going to LOVE our Likes to Leads Toolkit!

No fluff, just your plug and play instructions, templates and swipes to help you turn your socials into sales and skyrocket your email list in the shortest amount of time.

If your email list isn't growing at a rate that matches your sales dreams, listen up...

The number 1 secret the big names don't want you to know...

Is that growing your email list is exactly how you grow your business.

Yet.. most people continue to tell themselves they need to prioritise building their email list, while continuing to push it to the back of the pile, then wondering why their launches and coaching practice isn't reaching sales targets, their social media feels like hard work and their business overall plateau's.

What if you could snag our proven list building templates, swipes and cheat sheets so you could add hundreds (or more) email subscribers to your email list?

Why growing your email list is the game-changer you've been looking for

  • One of the best ways to double (or triple) your sales, reliably - is to double your email list
  • No more worrying about what would happen if your social media account randomly gets hacked or shut down - it's as easy as just sending an email to your list and boom, you're back up and running
  • Starting a new podcast  or YouTube Channel? Tell your list about it and cue instant subscribers
  • Worried nobody will find out about the launch of your new program because social media only shows 6% of your followers your posts? No problem - you've got a direct line to your audience via your email list.
  • Ready to launch a new program and want feedback on what to do? Easy! Just flick an email to your subscribers and queue instant feedback and sales.

Oh and also...

Studies show that email lists typically provide a return on spend of $36 for every $1 invested and a study by McKinsey and Co found that email generated 174% more total conversions than social media.

The time to prioritise list building is now.

If you're a heck yes then it's time for you to grab our Likes to Leads Toolkit. Let's get your likes to leads so you can skyrocket your business!

Here's what's included in the Likes to Leads Toolkit

Manychat Magic

If you're not leveraging the power of Manychat to convert your Instagram followers into email subscribers (or purchasers) at the same time as automating your engagement and building your following - you're missing out. And maybe you've taken a look before and put it in the 'too hard basket' - if this is you - get our exact scripts and sequences as well as step-by-step instructions on how to set up your account and automations campaigns.

Valued at $97

Instagram Story Signups

Stop sharing boring and repetitive Canva graphics to your stories to build your email list (and always fall flat) and swipe our step-by-step Instagram Story Flows to not only boost your views and engagement, but actually convert your viewers into bona-fide email subscribers.

Valued at $67

Magnetic Lead Magnet Template

Grab our plug-n-play Lead Magnet Template from Canva - more than 40+ pages of different page layouts (including worksheet and calendar examples) to help you build your PDF lead magnet in quickly.

Just plug in your brand colours and fonts, choose the pages you want to include and add in your text and you're good to go! PLUS this template comes with guides within the text as well as how to strategically guide people towards your other channels and program waitlists.

Valued at $47

Easy YES Nurture Sequence

Swipe the exact emails we used to send to our list to take them from newbie to diehard program waitlister with our Easy YES nurture sequence to build trust, authority and future program sales as a service provider.

Valued at $97

Convert like Hotcakes Page Layouts

Discover our best performing lead magnet pages with different options to choose from, as well as tips for what to do if you're not getting enough people to view your lead magnet page, or if you're getting views but not sign ups.

Valued at $47

Strategic Next Steps

There is so much opportunity for you to turn your lead magnet thank you page into another tool that works hard for your business! Don't waste it!

Discover 4 ways you can implement our 'Spiderweb Strategy' into your lead magnet funnel to supercharge your lead magnet thank you page and make it work harder for you.

Valued at $27

If you’re serious about growing your email list in 2024, you’ll LOVE this - snag the the exact setup, templates and content inspiration to set up your Lead Magnet Funnel quickly and easily.

Likes to Leads Toolkit

Only $67 USD

Likes to Lead - Build a 24/7 leads machine that not only boosts your engagement and grows your followers but converts your audience into launch-ready leads

This toolkit will give you the step-by-step instructions to set up a lead magnet machine in your business and take you from crickets to a launch-ready list!

Here’s what you get when you grab our Likes to Leads Toolkit:

  • ManyChat Magic: The exact set up and scripts we used in our Manychat Launch Flow (for automated lead goodness!)
  • Our Easy YES Waitlist Email Sequence to take your subscribers from just finding out about you - to ready and waiting to join your program as soon as doors open
  • Convert like Hotcakes: Our high converting landing page layouts so that you’re maximising sign ups
  • Strategic Next Steps: Three ways to step out of boring thank you pages and into thank you pages that create even more buzz for your biz
  • StorySignup Formulas: Forget sharing boring and repetitive Instagram Stories to get sign ups - swipe these 5 Instagram Story Flows to supercharge your sign ups

It's time to skyrocket your subscribers so you can skyrocket your authority, sales and impact.

I would absolutely recommend Robyn

I've significantly increased my email list, my Instagram has improved and my podcast is getting WAY more downloads. I have a much bigger audience, systems in place for more consistent calls AND launching my program in an effortless way.

I would absolutely recommend Robyn - she knows her stuff!



My coaching program has doubled and my email list has TRIPLED!

Every single part of my business has benefitted. If I had to be specific it would be my mailing list and my presence on social media. Because I no longer have to sell as much, I am able to serve them better.



What I love most about working with Robyn is her down to earth, friendly approach. She walked me through things step by step in a way that was easy to understand. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


Hi, I'm Robyn!

Corporate Marketing and Advertising Specialist to Life Coach to Online Business Strategist.

I took everything I learned in my 20+ year corporate marketing career and built a six figure life coaching business in six hours per week - with more than 1 million podcast downloads, 500 ideal clients on Instagram each and every month, and 500,000k monthly views on Pinterest - with a well known brand and a thriving online course business that allowed me to surpass my corporate salary - in half the time.

Now I help health and wellness practitioners just like you - do the same.