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How to get to 10k months in 10 hours per week as a health and wellness practitioner by creating a simple yet sophisticated signature framework and a layered launch strategy.

This training has now been completed! Stay tuned for our next training coming soon.

We're 5 months into the year... 

Are you feeling energised and excited... or exhausted?

What would life and business look like if you were able to grow and execute your business strategy with ease and elegance? What if your best year ever looked like doing less and not doing more?

Here's what you'll learn:

  • The major business bottlenecks that keep Practitioners like Nutritionists, Naturopaths, Dieticians and Acupuncturists stuck in revenue and burnt out
  • How to skyrocket your revenue, client results and authority by actually doing less (not more)
  • How to design a business that supports your life (and healthy balance)
  • How to step out of the overwhelm of creating a program (and all of the resources around it) and get something wildly successful off the ground within 30 days
  • How to map out your programs and promotions for the next 12 months and get clarity on the business activities you need to focus on in order to reach an average revenue of $10k per month

G'Day, I'm Robyn

Robyn Birkin is the go-to consultant for women in wellness who are juggling their business in the margins of naptimes and 9- 5's.

She is the host of the Top 5%, award-winning podcast, The Fertility Warriors and the founder of The Reset, an online program for Type A women navigating the rocky roads of trying to conceive. She is double-degree qualified in marketing and communications and has more than 20+ years' experience as a Marketing Manager, from running $100k events to managing a team of 10 and an advertising budget of more than $13 million, as the youngest marketing manager in her last 3 corporate roles.

What first began as a foray into website creation and a calling to support women through infertility and trying to conceive, became a dive head first into training as both a certified life coach and mind-body practitioner and a business that generated a six figure revenue in less than six hours per week, and continues to grow, allowing her to spend time with the two children she worked so tirelessly for and quit her corporate life for one of freedom, less stress and more joy.


Tapped out to Totally Free

How to reach $10k months in 10 hours per week as a health and wellness practitioner.