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Discover your passive path to profit

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Feel like you're a hamster on a wheel and need an injection of focus to help you smash your goals and get to that magical 6-figure milestone whilst enjoying those beautiful part-time hours (and without feeling like you're constantly throwing spaghetti at the wall?

For just $47, you can get access to my (instant access) workshop and you can get super clear on:

  • What to expect from your launch
  • How to get to that magical 6-figure mark with ONE product or services
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  • Where most of my clients go wrong
  • How to leverage your time (and focus) in order to get to six figures
  • The best types of products for part-time passive income
  • The benchmarks you need to know to be able to analyze your launch success

Don't miss this essential workshop to help you focus your strategy to reach your income goals

I hit a six-figure yearly income in my business working an average of only 6 hours per week by using ONE core strategy and understanding a few core metrics. I want you to learn the same!