It's time to create an online business that is well paid, whilst you create a life that is well lived.

I help health and wellness practitioners and service providers radically grow their audience and authority and develop a a simple yet wildly successful business that helps them live a beautifully balanced life.


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G'Day, I'm Robyn

I'm a marketing and online business specialist for women's health and wellness practitioners and service providers who would like allll the results, without working allll the hours.

I'm a double-degree-qualified, 20+ years exp, ex-corporate marketer turned vegan food blogger, turned Life Coach and founder of the Mind Body Fertility Reset.

I created a top 5% podcast (with nearly 1 million downloads) and a six figure business in just six hours per week.

And now I'm here to help you grow and scale your business... without burnout.

The Well Conceived Mastermind

A Mastermind For Health and Wellness Practitioners Who’re Ready To Design A Business That Nourishes Their Life.

You started your business because you actually wanted a life. We’re talking flexibility and freedom that only cubicle workers dream about. To feel the afternoon sun on your skin because you’re the boss. 

And, let’s not beat around the bush. You want to get paid.

Well Conceived. Well Lived. Well Paid.

Let's have fun, and get incredible results at the same time....

The Well Conceived Business Podcast

Looking to grow your online health and wellness business without burnout?

Then welcome to Well Conceived Business, a podcast hosted by me! Marketing and Online Business Specialist, Robyn Birkin, specifically for health and wellness practitioners and professionals.

Whether you're just starting your small business or you're ready to scale your online business and reach for both more profit and more peace - you'll love Well Conceived Business, a mix of healthy and refreshing conversations mixed with strategies, tips and insights to help you start, grow and scale your dreamy sustainable business.