In November 2018 (9 months after I'd started my online biz), I emailed my list and told them I quit. I was shutting up shop.

It was too hard.

For the entire month of September, I spent every single weekend (and many weeknights) in hospital whilst my husband, Ross and 1 year old daughter, Olivia tag teamed in hospital. He nearly died.

All I could think was 'WTAF am I even doing?'

Being an "entrepreneur" was SO much more work than I anticipated.

Every week was a constant juggle of trying to get out a podcast or blog post or YouTube video with what felt like zero time to do it.

I felt like I had to be everywhere, and had to be doing everything... I was working like a hamster on a wheel with the limited time I had whilst I was juggling motherhood (a role I had so desperately wanted for so many years... I needed to appreciate it) and all the other hats... and yet, success just didn't happen as quickly as I had hoped either.

Cue massive burnout. So... I emailed everyone and announced that I would quit.

And then I thought...f*ck that.

Well actually, it wasn't quite like that.
That's the funny thing about a calling: it just won't leave you alone.

I was out at dinner with a friend who was going through IVF. She burst into tears in the middle of the restaurant as she shared her experience.

"That's not right," I demanded.
"It shouldn't be like this"
... and as I uttered those words I realised that my work wasn't done.

Nobody should have to experience what I had experienced, and I was one of the ones who could help change the story of others.

And let's be honest: I'm not like my 'non-entrepreneur' friends.

Even though I felt jaded.
Even though I felt burnt out.
Even though I wanted to quit (and not just this time - there have been MANY times)
... there was still a fire raging inside me.
... and there's nothing quite like the thrill of truly helping your clients and making true, meaningful change.

I didn't need to quit...
I needed to do things differently.

I didn't need to quit. I needed to get strategic.

Strategic Growth

Strategic Income Strategy

Strategic Time

Financially, my business was doing ok but.... It felt like I was going so slowly.

I'd been spending SO much wasted time trying to crack the code of other businesses
I took all the webinars.

I tried to sign up to their mailing lists and I desperately analysed their Instagram profiles to find out what THEY were doing that I wasn't.

There comes a time when you really need to stop downloading all the freebies and suck it up, back yourself and invest in proper guidance.

So then I worked with coaches who were great... but there was just something I'd always leave feeling like their advice wasn't tailored to businesses like mine (fertility and general business coaching are two very different beasts) so the strategies and advice never hit the same.

Turns out my business was NOT sustainable at all, and it's no surprise that when the wobbles hit at home... it was like a tornado ripped apart my business.

that shake up was the best thing that ever happened

I couldn't quit, but I also couldn't go back to what I'd been doing. So, I rebuilt my business from the ground up, putting my 20+ years' of marketing experience to the test and working radically less hours, whilst skyrocketing my visibility and income.

Working an average of 6 hours per week, I hit an annual six figures in revenue. My new system worked.

My six hour work week has seen me...

  • Achieve a podcast that ranked amongst the Top 35 in the US for Alternative Health
  • Grow my Instagram at a rate of approximately 500 followers per month (whilst never feeling stuck or like I'm spending all day on the platform) - but moreso - it's PROFITABLE
  • Experience launches that consistently break personal bests (multiple 5 figures per launch, every time)
  • Dive into Facebook Advertising and achieve crazy good stats like a 4x Return on Ad Spend and leads for 80c
  • Have advertisers approach me (weekly) to advertise on my platforms (hello 4-figure brand deals)
  • Consistently deliver email open rate campaigns with a 40% open rate

I work with fellow women in wellness who...

Want consistent income and not chump change

Work as an Acupuncturist, Naturopath, Nutritionist, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Blogger/Influencer, Fertility Coach, Life Coach, Membership Site Owner, Fertility App, E-Commerce Provider, Nurse or Embryologist

Are action takers and not afraid to put themselves out there

Know in their bones that they are called to serve in this way but just need some guidance on the HOW

Don't want cookie cutter strategies. They want real time feedback on calls and a (SIMPLE) long term business plan that suits their life and business.

Don't subscribe to 'hustle' culture and want a business that can succeed with a simple plan on minimal hours

Have done the courses and worked with coaches, and realised that it doesn't all apply to our niche... and that it's just an overwhelming waste of time... and are now ready for something that fits.

Together, we do incredible things like...

  • Radically shift your visibility using my easy trifecta strategy so you don't just get known, but you become known as an expert in your industry. Cue followers, Facebook Group members and email subscribers on autopilot, invitations to summits and podcasts, and people reaching out to you to ask how they can work with you.
  • Rework your funnel, priorities and income strategy so you can focus on the things that provide the best combination of value and transformation for your clients, together with sustainable income, less burnout and scalability.
  • Give you the EXACT formula for my quick and easy cash flow launchesand dive into fun things (I promise when you work with me, it is!) like Facebook Advertising

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Current addiction: Chocolate

Location: Perth, Western Australia (and love it!)

Motherhood: 50% zen mother, 50% helicopter.

Languages: English, Japanese (yes, really) and two year old.

Super Powers: Explaining things in plain English, always having a recommendation or answer, getting the work done at warp speed..

Weakness: Zero tolerance for excuses. Doing the laundry.

Smoothie or Juice: Juice

Early bird or night owl: I have two young children and a business. I've pretty much not slept in 7 years (just kidding)... but Early Bird.

Side passions: Photography, Animal Welfare and Infertility Awareness