4 reasons your online business isn’t growing

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So today on the podcast I’m sharing 4 reasons why your business isn’t growing.

Maybe you’re here because you’re just getting started and it feels like you’re just spending your days shouting into the void and getting zero traction.

Or maybe it feels like you’ve had some growth but now you’re stuck.

And when we get into this frame (I can tell you from my own experience here!) it’s the worst for comparisonitis. All of a sudden you’re trying to figure out what those other competitors are doing that has them growing faster than you and then you start signing up to their lead magnets and their webinars to figure out what their secret is. 

So distracting.

So why is it exactly that your business isn’t growing at the rate you’d like it to?

Tune in to listen to the full details.

Here’s 4 reasons why that might be the case:

1. You have the wrong priorities

One thing I’ve learned in business is that an empty to-do list isn’t a thing. There will ALWAYS be things that you should be doing or that are even screaming out for you to do.

And I’ve never met an online business owner who didn’t have a bunch of stuff that needed to be updated on their website.

But are you investing your time and energy into the wrong things?

Here’s some examples:

  • You keep updating the homepage of your website…. But don’t update a sales page that isn’t converting well.
  • You keep posting on social media, but aren’t investing in growing your email list.
  • You keep sitting in your email inbox, when what you really need to do is reach out to warm prospects and nurture (or invite) them

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2. You’re being scattered

Oh sister, I’ve been here. Multiple times. And here’s how I see this showing up:

You have a launch or a program that doesn’t quite go as well as expected (or it goes ok), but then you decide that instead of improving conversions or tweaking your program so it grows, you decide that you need to move on and launch the next thing. And so you end up in a perpetual cycle of things that are only half finished (because yes, you can create something and launch it – and it’s not finished because you haven’t seen it the full way through to growing and converting really well).

I’m always firmly in the camp of riding the one horse.

Get one thing working really well, then move onto the next thing.

I also see this show up as not wanting to leave money on the table – but then inadvertently doing exactly that.

Here’s what happens.

You launch a program or service and it might go ok… or even really, really well. And so you decide that you need a continuity offer, or you decide that you need to go wider (instead of deeper) and go low ticket.

Or…. you create a membership

And you break your profitability – either because that product is now competing – either through conversions or your energy – with the thing that was originally creating your success.

If something is working – keep it working, and keep scaling.

It’s completely fine to leave money on the table and not have products or services for everyone, in the name of continuing to help the one main thing thrive.


3. You’re stuck in a bonsai business

Think of a bonsai plant. They’re healthy. They’re taken such great care of. But they’re stuck in a teeny, tiny pot – which is a huge reason why they’re not growing.

You can take incredible care of your business and do so many things wrong, but subconsciously stall your business because you’re not willing to move into a bigger pot.

I get it – it takes self trust because you have to move to the bigger pot trusting and expecting that you’ll grow into it – but it doesn’t happen overnight.

I’ve done this multiple times in my business.

I hired a podcast manager trusting that I’d be able to make back her investment each and every month (and more) and grow. With her help – our podcast reached more than 1 million downloads each month, ranked in the top 35 for alternative health alongside Oprah’s Soul Sessions and still to this day generates 125,000 impressions on spotify and thousands of downloads despite not releasing a new episode in 2 years.

I also did this when I realised that I was ready to grow my course sales from about 10 – 15 each cohort and it meant I needed to invest in Facebook and Instagram Ads.

So I invested $10,000 USD in a Facebook Ads Coach – and this was before I was making six figures in my business – but the year I hired her was the year that happened, and I trusted that overtime this would provide a huge ROI for my business. And it has.

In my experience, you have to take the leap and trust in yourself… and then it pays off.


4. You’re expecting everything to always be a Hell Yes

You know that saying ‘If it’s not a Hell Yes, it’s a Hell No’ – well I disagree.

Nearly every time I’ve made big investments, made big decisions or committed to growth in my business, I’ve never had the full body yes.

I’ve felt scared.

I’ve wondered whether or not it was the right decision.

I’ve had times when my head, heart and gut were giving me mixed messages.

It’s felt uncomfortable.

In Human Design too – only 50% of people will ever experience a full body yes. What human design calls emotional decision makers will go in peaks and troughs of emotional waves that swing between excitement and terror and yes and no.

And even when they land on a ‘yes’ – it’s still only a 60 – 70% yes experience. 

As someone who also specialised in our brain as a life coach and the way our brain works – our brain is always looking for a million reasons why something won’t work and why the worst case scenario is going to play out.

For 85% of people the worst case scenario never plays out.

And for the 15% of people for whom it does – 79% rated it as not that bad at all.

So we get stuck in our heads.

And we expect that big decisions will feel easy – and I call BS.

Decisions should always be considered and you should always conduct due diligence, but sometimes your head, heart and gut will be in conflict.

Often they’ll feel scary and uncomfortable.

That’s not always a sign you shouldn’t do things, and sometimes this is what’s going to keep you playing small and never fully taking the big leaps forward that are really the next right step.

Have any of these resonated with you?

If so, I’d love to hear from you – reach out and send me a message on Instagram @robynbirkin 



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