5 juicy online course launch insights (from our last launch)

5 juicy online course launch insights (from our last launch)


We just came out of one of our easiest, breeziest online launches for our fertility program, The Reset.

As our focus has shifted this year in the business as I step more into a CEO role in the Mind Body Fertility Reset, it was important that this launch was well planned and executed (without needing me to be hugely present at the time).

Could we have done better? Yes, we were slammed right before the launch with loads of time off, delivering other programs in Launch Easy Life and so we canned our live conversion event at the last minute and didn’t really do a pre-launch – things that are so incredibly important for converting large numbers – but because of the trust and brand equity we’ve already built, we still had a great launch and were super happy with the way we executed our launch strategy.


Want to know some really juicy launch insights (and what they might mean for your business too?). Ask no more… here they are:


47% of people purchased in the last 24 hours of the cart open


Stay the course. Launches should build in momentum – but so many people don’t see massive sales at the start, and then content and energy wanes, and so do their launch results.



30% of purchasers weren’t on our email list (and… this is also without our podcast or a proper prelaunch).


If you’re only using emails for sales, you could be missing out. Not everyone loves being subscribed to emails but that doesn’t mean they’re not fans of you and your method elsewhere.



53% of people purchased on a purchase plan.


If you only have a pay in full price, you could be limiting your sales.



Our Instagram Stories, Posts, Reels, Emails and Facebook Ads were all created in advance.


Ahem… #launcheasylife – when you have repeatable systems and a timeline for your launch – it makes showing up (and particularly – having the energy to support everyone who joins) so much easier.



33% of people who purchased had only been on my list since 2023, and all bar 2 joined my list in the second half of 2022 (despite being relatively inactive on IG, and Facebook Ads and not publishing a podcast since August 22)



Evergreen content works. It builds traffic and email sign-ups even when you’re not active.

We still receive hundreds of email subscribers, thousands of website views and thousands of monthly views, even when we’re not producing anything.


You don’t need to be at this for a long time to have four and five-figure launches. Your business (and life) could change rapidly in just 90 days with the right strategy to fill your funnel and launch your program.


In our Launch Easy Life Methodology, we aren’t here for exhausting, long and drawn-out launches while you’re burning the midnight oil. Instead, we aim for sustainable and compounding results and assets that you can leverage time and time again to produce easy, breezy launches that don’t burn you out.


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