Cycle Sync your Business for More Productivity and Less burnout with Kate Nguy

Have you ever felt like you’re a rollercoaster of emotions and productivity in your business?

Like… one minute you’re inspired and outgoing and an absolute productivity powerhouse, and then the next minute you’re feeling like you want to burn your business to the ground, never show your face on Social Media and just binge Netflix all day instead of working?

And then… because you’re having those feelings – you’re feeling like a constant failure in your business, thinking:

Why can’t I just power through all the time?

Why can’t I just work at night and get all the things done?

Why do I keep feeling like I need a break from my business?

Why does my thinking feel fuzzy right now *goddamit I need to think of 284 hooks for my upcoming month on Instagram?

If you’re reading any of this and nodding your head, I’d love to share a giant aha moment I had a few years back that has literally saved my sanity, my energy, my business and made me 10x more productive:

You’re actually not a tiny man, so stop trying to run your business like one.

You’re a woman and our cycles and hormones are radically different – and therefore so is the way that we work. best.

Once I knew that – I instantly felt so much more at ease in my business.

So much of the pressure to ‘be on’ all the time, to work in 24 hour cycles, and the guilt I felt around having different levels of productivity and motivation in my business, faded away.

And instead, I started thinking about how I could leverage my hormones and cycle (note: even though I’ve had a hysterectomy, I still have my ovaries and fallopian tubes.. and brain – half of our sex hormones come from our brain – so I still have a ‘cycle’ and all the female hormones) to thrive more in business.

And it’s been a game changer, and something that will continue to be a work in progress.

And this is why I’m so excited to welcome my friend, cycle syncing genius for women and Mastermind Client, Kate Nguy to the podcast to talk about how we, as women, can radically shift the way we think in our business, our productivity levels and our success – by understanding and thriving with our cycles.

Tune into today’s podcast episode and say hello to your new game-changing business strategy.



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