Growing an audience without being beholden to algorithms with Alice Rose

It is my pleasure to invite my friend Alice Rose on the the podcast. I have absolute love heart eyes for Alice who is an incredible community leader and transformational coach and it’s awesome that we get to chat today – and especially about all things growing an audience.

Once of the reasons I’m so beyond excited to welcome Alice is that I feel like we’ve each built our audiences in some ways that are similar, but also in many ways that are quite different, and so this is a call to action to everyone to know that there are many different ways to build an aligned business and grow your client base.

In today’s episode we talk about

  • The three ways Alice has grown her audience and business
  • The power of authenticity and community
  • How to secure partnerships, collaborations and press for your business
  • How to keep showing up (even when you don’t feel like it)
  • How to find your own voice (instead of feeling like you need to copy everyone else)

I KNOW you’re going to love this chat.

Listen now.


Growing an audience without being beholden to algorithms with Alice RoseAlice Rose is an internationally recognised coach, writer, speaker, business mentor and consultant. She supports women at all stages with her signature self compassionate Joy First approach. Supporting women through their fertility years (she is the CEO and founder of Fertility Life Raft), motherhood, not-motherhood and all things in between, she is passionate about working with empowered, intelligent women who want more. Awarded ‘Most Supportive’ (The Worst Girl Gang Ever audience) and featured in national and global press (Red, BBC, Stylist, The Telegraph, Harpers BazaarAlice is also a campaigner for better fertility communication with her work included at the Fertility Show (London, Birmingham); the Barbican, London and consulting with the BBC, Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, ESHRE and Ferring Pharmaceuticals in global social campaigns and international workshops on better fertility patient care.Alice has written for and been mentioned in multiple blogs and books (No One Talks About This StuffAsk me His Name; Big Fat Negative; The Worst Girl Gang Ever) and her podcast Fertility Life Raft has been recommended by Fearne Cotton; the Hi Lo Podcast; featured in the press, chosen for the Global Media Player and has received hundreds of positive reviews.

After 15 years in London, UK she now resides in the gorgeous Wiltshire countryside with her husband and three children and can be found drinking coffee; kitchen dancing; lake swimming and reading books (preferably one after the other, daily).




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