How to deal with Trolls and Triggered People

By popular demand we’re releasing an episode of the podcast on How to deal with trolls and triggered people—and I wanted to include that second part in there because yes, sometimes you’ll get trolls (but often they’re easy to deal with because trolls are just folks intentionally trying to cause some mischief) but what’s harder and hits harder emotionally – is triggered people who are raging or attacking you.

And over the years in the Well Conceived Mastermind, we’ve worked with many coaches and practitioners who’ve experienced constructive and negative feedback either publicly or privately, as well as uncovering that there are many coaches and practitioners out there who are afraid to write anything even remotely controversial or have an opinion in case they ever experience trolls or triggered people.

What you need to understand though: is that if you ever want to have a successful business, you need to understand that this is an inevitable part of doing business, and… if you are always so ever conscious of never ruffling any feathers in your business, you’ll likely never grow.

The reason being is that people don’t resonate and buy from vanilla.

They resonate and buy from:

Pineapple on pizza

Baked chocolate cookie ice cream with chocolate swirl

And sometimes when you repel people (hint: why I never worry about unfollows on Instagram FYI) is because the people you repel were likely never going to buy from you (or potentially anyone) anyway, but… the people who see that you have an opinion that you’re different from the sea of lemmings out there in the internet space, are the people who are going to deeply resonate and identify with you… and lead to the sale.

So in this episode, I’m talking all about my experience and some of the feedback I’ve received from my audience over the years, why I don’t take it personally and how I decide what to do next with posts and content that have received feedback.

Tune into this week’s episode and let me know what you think!

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Peep the below Crisis Communications Social Media Flow Charts that might be helpful

Rignite Social Media Crisis Response Plan

Pascal Renes Social Media Decision Tree Graphic (I love this one!)

Comms Creatives Social Media Flow Chart

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