Navigating motherhood and business with Simone Denny

Today on the podcast it’s my pleasure to introduce you to someone I know and have personally worked with, Simone Denny. I knew Simone through a sort of peer mastermind that I was part of – she owned at the time an online health store and I was a vegan food blogger – and we were invited to take part in a group cookbook that raised money for women navigating domestic violence and we then morphed our niches and businesses over the coming years,

I remember feeling at a crossroads in life back in about 2017/2018. I was swamped by the guilt of motherhood and also feeling like I’d lost myself.

I was feeling deeply lonely in early motherhood of my two young girls and that amidst motherhood, I’d really just lost myself. I had wanted my babies for so long yet here I was feeling really guilty for even considering that there might be a life outside them and that maybe… they weren’t the entirety of my purpose.

And so, I hired Simone Denny to help me reset and figure out exactly who I was and what exactly I wanted to do with my life. Helping women find their purpose is Simone’s speciality and working with her was such a line in the sand moment for me.

As someone who has worked with so so so many women who may have had their own infertility journeys, or who have the embers of starting an online business but feel somewhat lost, I wanted to get Simone on today to speak to us about how we speak up for ourselves, how we figure out who we are and what we want from the world and how we navigate the mama guilt that comes from really and truly finding meaning in the work that we’re doing… that often doesn’t involve our children – and how we find peace, confidence and advocacy for ourselves in this time.

Join me for a beautiful chat to one of the most incredible life coaches I know about all things online business, finding your purpose and mama guilt.

Listen here.


About Simone

Simone Denny is a leading coach and practitioner dedicated to guiding individuals and groups through healing, empowerment and purpose. With a rich background in psychology and business from the University of Berkeley and Otago University, Simone utilizes diverse methodologies including Internal Family Systems, Life Coaching, Mind Detox Therapy, CBT, and Mindfulness. She empowers clients to cultivate deep inner transformation and uncover their true potential. 

Simone’s empowering workshops and online group coaching programs, including her signature offerings Living with Purpose and the Hatchery Membership, are designed to inspire profound personal growth. Drawing from over a decade of experience, Simone infuses her work with authenticity and compassion, creating a safe space for individuals to explore and embrace their self-awareness,  and personal growth.  Simone is a campaigner for self-discovery, emotional liberation, and discovering a life of purpose and joy.

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