The 5 best online business books I’ve read

Something that I absolutely used to love doing was listening to audiobooks a few years ago while I drove to my part-time corproate gig in Marketing – it used to be an hour drive there and another hour drive back and I’d listen to audiobooks – sometimes fiction, sometimes business books to help myself get into the zone of ‘thinking’ and then on the way back I’d listen to music and my playlists.

But because the drive was such a decent chunk, I’d get through a full audiobook every two weeks or so. This year, I’m getting back into that but it’s as I prioritise my health and wellness – I recently joined a gym and so I’m listening to audiobooks while I workout or when I’m walking or on the treadmill.

Of all the books I’ve read, here is a bit of an eclectic mix of my top 5. Tune into the podcast to learn more about what they’re about and when on your business journey I recommend listening to each one.





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