What type of product should you create first in your online business?

If you’re working in health and wellness in any capacity (life coach, dietician, naturopath, acupuncturist – any profession that focuses on physical, emotional or spiritual wellbeing and health) – you’ve probably been trained to offer single sessions to frow your business, and if you’ve been following me for a while you know that’s absolutely not the approach I recommend.

Why? Because you’ve probably created your business so that… in essence, you could make a living working more flexible and probably part-time hours, and don’t want to sacrifice income in order to have that… and even if you’re just starting out and feeling like you just want to make some money – I guarantee that deep down, you don’t want to make chump change.

Single sessions appear great on the outside – like OMG I’m earning $120 per hour, but when it boils down – you’re likely only going to be keeping 50% of that as take-home pay (at best) and then you’ll probably spend more than double that time doing tasks that are necessary for growth, prospecting and admin – like bookkeeping, handling enquiries, professional development, website edits, social media etc.

That means that when all is said and done, you’ll probably walk away with an income that is more like $30 per hour – and only that amount if you’re full.

So… you’ve probably spied the internet and maybe searched things like ‘passive income ideas for naturopaths’ and wondering what product do you create next? Do you stick with 1:1 sessions (and how do you make that more sustainable? Do you create an online course? Or do you create a $27 ebook or collection of resources? In this episode, I’ll walk you through which product you’ll likely want to create and when the right time is to create each different type of product in your business.

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