Ask yourself these 5 questions to step into a feel-better business in 2023

2022 Business Review: Ask yourself these 5 questions to step into a feel-better business in 2023


If you’re ending the year feeling more frazzled than festive, listen up and journal on these bad boys​​​​​​​​


Below is a list of business questions that I will often ask my own coaching clients – either on our monthly goal-setting calls or within our 1:1 sessions.


A frazzled business usually means there are things that need tweaking.


Ask yourself these journal questions to dive deep into what’s going on for your business, and then start to think about what you’ll need to change/do differently to create more of the business you want in 2023.


On a scale of 1-10, how well am I keeping my boundaries? 

One of the first questions I ask our Mastermind Squad on our Goal Setting Calls is about how well they’re navigating boundaries. If you’re building your business in the margins of naptimes and 9 – 5’s your business can easily swallow you up and leave you completely burnt out. If you don’t have (or continually break) your biz boundaries, you’ll be working nights, never working out and your relationship will turn to all Hell in a handbasket.


How can I reverse engineer my profit for next year? 

Stop plucking income figures from the sky and then feeling disappointed when there was no chance you were going to get there in the first place. 

At the simplest level… 

  • If I want X amount of revenue… 
  • And my core product is $X How many sales is that… 
  • And how many email subscribers do I need if 25% of my old list is engaged + all of my new subscribers for a 2-5% conversion rate? 

Adjust accordingly…


Where is my business sucking the most right now? 

  • Are you out of alignment?
  • Do you need help growing your social media?
  • Are you getting subscribers but now sales?
  • Are you feeling burnt out by 1:1 sessions? 

Think of a few top-line areas, commit to tackling one at a time every 90 days, and work out what/who you need to help you get there.


Where can I streamline things? 

Take an honest review of your business and your tasks. 

  • Do you have products that should really be retired because they’re out of alignment or just time- sucking without profit?
  • Are there processes that can be automated or even eliminated?
  • Are you ready to delegate more elements of your business to allow you to take more time off/ step more into a strategic role?


What would my ideal day/week look like if I had the exact business I want? 

Maybe it’s Fridays off… 

Maybe it’s the school holidays off… 

Maybe it’s finishing at 1 pm… 


You have a business to have a life, not a life to have a business and again, it will swallow you up if you don’t get strategic – ask yourself, what do I need to maintain and grow AND step into a more feel-good business.

You do not need to follow the pattern of everyone (anyone!) else online – you can choose a path, product suite and promotional strategy that works for your life.

Once you’ve looked at these questions, it’s time to start thinking about what you need to do differently in your business to move forward.

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