How to step away from 1:1 coaching to create your signature program (especially if you’re a health coach or a wellness business owner)

Hard truth incoming below for all the health coaches, nutritionists, naturopaths and acupuncturists out there…

If you can only commit to part-time hours in your business and you aren’t making $100,000 in revenue yet, it might be because your available time is being sucked up through a 1:1 model.


So here are some concrete steps on how to step away from 1:1 coaching to create your signature program

Health Coach Training, Life Coach School, University…. most of them…

Promote individual coaching and consulting as a business model for success…

And… 100% this can be helpful when you’re getting started to:

  • Get to know your people
  • Develop a consistent formula and know intimately how to help
  • Get some initial income through the door

But… if you can only commit to part-time hours, you’re going to burn out pretty quickly and tap out at a revenue level that is… if you’re working with women in general society (as opposed to other business owners)… way less than $100,000.


Business and life will feel uphill.

You’ll feel exhausted, jaded and resentful.

I know, because I’ve been there.


Like I said… 1:1 coaching can be great and it’s a lot easier to make a significant revenue if you’re in a different niche, but if you work in women’s wellness, there are other, more strategic ways to create a sustainable revenue without burning out…. And there will inevitably come a time when you’re ready for more space and freedom with a signature program.

  • When you have a signature program:
  • You have more time flexibility
  • You can take on an unlimited # of clients
  • You can simplify how you help people
  • You can become known for one thing
  • You can automate or eliminate large parts of your business (like discovery calls)

So… you’re ready to step away, but how do you actually do that without going cold turkey and basically starting your business again. It can feel like a chicken and egg scenario.


1. Up your Prices

Yes, you’ll lose a few clients, but that’s the point, and chances are you’re not charging enough anyway. Ignore what everyone in the market is doing and raise your prices. Hopefully, you’ll retain a few clients but maintain the same level of income you had before, freeing up time for you to work on other things.


2. Create a Runway

Allow yourself some time to create and warm up your audience with your new business model by leaning out your expenses and building a revenue runway of 3 – 6 months. This means that ideally, your business bank account can sustain you for 3 – 6 months while you invest time (not spend, invest because it will pay off later) in creating this new revenue stream. This takes away some of the pressure to make an instant switch (and be successful right away – because sometimes there are some kinks to iron out) and often you’ll need to be focusing more on social media.


3. Brainstorm

Brainstorm your product at a very basic level.

Do not create your entire program and product in advance (because you don’t know that it will sell). You want to just brainstorm:

  • What the transformation is?
  • What one problem it solves?
  • Who it’s for?
  • How long it would take for someone to get a result if they put in the work
  • Any other requirements…


4. Assess Demand

In the Launch Easy Framework, we have several options to allow you to assess demand for your program before you create any of the assets for the program.

This is incredibly important and all of these methods involve pre-selling your program.

Don’t think it’s enough to send an email to ask if your audience would be interested or if they’d buy – social media followers love to people please – they all involve the smallest barrier to getting sales through the door and ensure you have buyers for your product before putting in a bunch of work (that potentially will go nowhere)


5. Deliver

Once you’ve sold your first group of programs, it’s time to deliver them in a live, group coaching format. Aside from not having to create content that nobody wants (why we presell), delivering your program live enables you to make tweaks as you go and get real-time feedback about anything needed or anything missing from your program.

And.. because you’ve already sold it, you’ll always deliver. Say goodbye to the “I’ve been thinking of a program for 3 years” scenario.

6. Launch

Now that you’ve delivered your first cohort and created your program, it’s time to build out your other assets (that you can reuse for future sales) and build out a launch schedule for future program sales.

Again, we work through this with you all through the Launch Easy Framework.


Stepping away from 1:1 coaching was one of the absolute best decisions I had ever made in my wellness business and I’m incredibly grateful for the coach I had at the time who pushed me to make the move. I’ve never looked back!





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In 2018 I felt like I was running on a hamster wheel of 'things I should be doing' in my business and getting absolutely nowhere. So much so, that in November 2018 I announced to my audience that I was quitting. It was beyond exhausting and I at the same time as I was growing my wellness business, I was helping my husband with his and growing two beautiful girls.

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